Master of Education

Curriculum & Instruction

Affordable Tuition


*if using financial aid

How to Pay

w/ STEAM Emphasis

Online 30 credits * 20 months
Lowest online tuition rate in the state of Nebraska
Many M.Ed. programs reduced from 36 to 30 credit hours

Program Highlights & Benefits

Integrate STEAM into your classroom

Become a STEAM Leader in your school or district

Online & Asynchronous Format

No GRE or Entrance Exams Required


Teachers who wish to integrate STEAM into their classroom and become STEAM teacher leaders at their school.

What You Learn

Academic professionals and educational practitioners will teach you how to apply strategies and theories to improve your instructional skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

How You Learn

This is an online cohort. You will check in online to complete assignments and participate in online discussions and group activities. You will finish one 3 credit course every 8 weeks.

Career Outcomes

Become a better classroom teacher while providing your students instruction in STEAM

Courses Offered

Course NumberTitleCredits
EDUC 601

How People Learn

*EDUC 603

STEAM Integration in the Classroom

*EDUC 604

Math, Science, and the Engineering Design Process

EDUC 605

Integrating the Arts in STEAM

EDUC 594

Research Evaluation and Design

*EDUC 606

Teaching STEAM to Diverse Learners

*EDUC 607

STEAM Teacher Leadership

EDUC 540

Curriculum and Instruction Capstone – STEAM

EDUC 590

C & I Practicum – STEAM

EDUC 625

Serving and Leading in the Community and World

 Total Credit Hours:30

If you do not want to earn a Master’s degree, you can take four courses in order to earn the STEM Certificate.

Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) are required to earn the STEM certificate. You do not need to be a certified teacher to enroll in this program.