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GRE/MAT waived for Doctoral students starting this fall
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Master of Arts (M.A.)

Gifted Education

with Endorsement

Online 30 major credits * 2 years

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*if using financial aid

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COVID 19 Update - Classes still beginning in August. We are here to help!
GRE/MAT waived for Doctoral students starting this fall
Stay in the know! Now offering daily information sessions via Zoom

Program Highlights & Benefits

Classes meet in an online format

2 year completion time, including holiday breaks

One course completed every 8 weeks

Transfer credits considered


Educators who are interested in developing an understanding of, and developing programs for, High Achieving, Gifted and Talented students.

What You Learn

This program supports educators in becoming experts who can meet the needs of all learners through the lens of gifted education. It prepares educators to serve as teacher leaders in planning and implementing programs that address the specific needs of gifted and talented students. The Master’s in Gifted Education offers teachers the opportunity to complete 30 hours of coursework, of which 24 hours will lead to an endorsement. The MA requires two additional courses in addition to completing the endorsement requirements; these courses are a technology course and a seminar course.

How You Learn

This program is offered in a flexible online format. Online programs at Concordia University use Blackboard as a system for online coursework. There is a traditional syllabus that includes course expectations, objectives, assignment descriptions, and grading policies.

While Blackboard is the main platform in the online course, instructors may call, virtually meet, or occasionally, meet in person with local students to further discuss the course objectives, assignments and expectations. There are also occasions for students to participate in group projects with other students. They collaborate using Google docs, Skype, and phone calls.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the program and the IL state Gifted Teacher Examination, Gifted Education 312, students will have earned a M.A. in Gifted Education and a Gifted Teacher Endorsement that matches the grade level on the student’s existing Professional Educator’s License (PEL).

Candidates who are admitted to this program will be able to:

  • Think critically and analytically about gifted education and the role gifted programs play in the development of students identified as gifted and talented.
  • Develop curriculum and utilize instructional strategies that are differentiated and meet the learning needs of all students.
  • Provide leadership in schools with gifted programs through program development and coaching.
  • Promote an understanding of gifted learners and gifted education that leads to effective programming that includes: identification, assessment, technology, social and emotional learning, differentiated instructional practices, and effective learning environments.

Areas of Study

EDU 6710Gifted Research: Issues, Policy and Research*3
EDU 6720Identification, Assessment, and Evaluation*3
EDU 6730Learning Environments for Gifted Education*3
EDU 6760Social & Emotional Needs of Gifted and Talented Learners*3
EDU 6715Curriculum Development for Gifted and Talented Learners*3
EDU 6725Differentiated Instruction for Gifted and Talented Learners*3
EDU 6735Assessing Gifted and Talented Students*3
EDU 6745Gifted & Talented Practicum (P-12)*3
EDU 6740Technology in Gifted Education3
EDI 6041Seminar in Gifted Education3
 Total Semester Hours:30

*Required courses for the Illinois Gifted Education Endorsement; Gifted Education Endorsement Only option available.


The practicum consists of an approved eight-week field experience in a P-12 setting that offers programs for gifted students. The field experience provides candidates opportunities to provide professional development, leadership, and to practice using instructional strategies and materials as well as model an appropriate mindset for meeting the needs to students who are gifted or talented.

Program and course requirements are subject to change to comply with university policy.