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A teacher sits on a desk in his classroom, smiling and holding a stack of papers.

Balancing Graduate School and Work

I can remember this day all too well. The day that I realized that I would need to go back to school and further my education in order to further my career. I cannot express how nervous I was about returning for a master’s degree. It was hard enough obtaining

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A female teacher smiles and instructs a diverse group of teen students.

The Importance of Continuing Education for Teachers

Why is it Important to Continue Your Education as a Teacher? In the effort to attain instructional proficiency, it is important for teachers to become what they often impress upon their students: to become lifelong learners. The lifelong learner journey of a teacher: Strengthens instructional proficiency Builds better student-to-teacher, and

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A group of elementary students listen to their teachers read a book aloud.

How Instructional Strategies for Reading Changed Due to COVID

How has Reading Instruction been impacted? For educators everywhere, the COVID-19 global pandemic brought significant negative impacts to student and teacher attendance, student engagement and participation, physical and mental wellness, and thus the instructional strategies teachers would need to employ to promote academic growth. Attendance plummeted as students and teachers

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A teacher sits in the classroom at a desk, holding her head.

How Educational Leadership Skills can Address Teacher Burnout

How Prevalent is Teacher Burnout? What Leads to Burnout? Recently, I was asked to apply for a corporate position at a company I’ve worked for outside of my teaching job for many years. Although I enjoy the work immensely and feel passionately about the company’s mission, I never have seriously

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Tonya Thomas, M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University Chicago, IL

Student Spotlight: Tonya Thomas, Teacher Leadership Doctorate Program

Enrolled in the Doctoral Teacher Leadership Specialization program, we asked student Tonya Thomas to tell us about her experience thus far pursuing her graduate education degree at Concordia University Chicago. What prompted you to work in education? What inspired you? In college, I worked part-time as a teaching assistant in

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Two female teachers walk and talk down a school hallway.

All About Concordia University Chicago’s M.A. Differentiated Instruction Program

What does the M.A. Differentiated Instruction Program encompass? Concordia University Chicago’s (CUC) M.A. Differentiated Instruction Program is directed toward the preparation of master classroom teachers who are interested in leading change and reform efforts in their classrooms and schools. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Council for

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