Leadership Doctoral Programs

Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

In-Person or Online 61 credit hours Ed.D * 67 credit hours Ph.D

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Concordia University Chicago’s Leadership Ed.D/Ph.D program with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction is for teachers who wish to pursue a program that prepares them for leadership roles in public or private schools. This program develops educational experts and scholars who can design, implement, evaluate and manage curriculum and instruction programs in K-12 schools. The coursework facilitates the exploration, discussion and understanding of the challenges and possibilities of teacher education.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop the abilities for research and critical thinking in the field of curriculum and instruction, with theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Develop competency in curriculum evaluation, development and mapping.
  • Improve understanding in the teaching and learning process.
  • Build a strong professional background in areas related to curriculum and instruction.
  • Support and lead reform and change efforts related to teacher development in schools.

Program Requirements

  • Application to and admission into the Ed.D or Ph.D Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program
  • Successful completion of 61 credit hours (Ed.D) or 67 credit hours (Ph.D)
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Dissertation

Program Components for the Doctor of Leadership Degree Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

Curriculum and Instruction Specialization: 30 semester hours

3School/District Improvement Data Analysis
3Research Based Decision Making
3Design on Learning Environments
3The Impact of ESEA on the Educational Landscape
3Curriculum Theory and Design
3Multicultural Education
3Instructional Coaching
3Global Perspectives on Curriculum and Instruction
3Research-Based Instructional Practices
3Curriculum Leadership

Doctoral Program Core

Foundations/Philosophy/Ethics: 12 semester hours

3Philosophy of Scientific Knowledge (Ph.D only)
3Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Leadership (Ed.D only)
3Organizational Change
3Policy Analysis
3Ethics for Educational Leaders