Doctoral FAQ

We accommodate your full-time commitment by doing the internship either after school, in the evenings, or on the weekends. It might be necessary for the intern to take a few personal days to complete certain activities connected to the internship, however, this would be minimal.

If you are interested in an Ed.D, it is 61 hours. That is 20 courses. If you are interested in a Ph.D., it is 67 houts. That is 22 courses.

The EdD is focused on your district and it can be used in universities for teaching. The Ph.D is two more research courses and can also be used in universities for teaching.

Many courses are offered face to face and online. Some are offered in a hybrid format of face to face and online.

Classes are eight weeks for a term. There are two terms per semester. We offer classes in the fall semester, spring semester and summer semester. In a year, you could take 6 courses.

The dissertation is a five chapter document that is comprised of an introduction, a review of the literature, the methodology, the results and the conclusions, recommendations and implications. Also included are references and appendixes. APA format is used throughout. A defense of the proposal (chapters one to three) and a defense of the dissertation (chapters 4 and 5) are required.

We offer the Ed.D and Ph.D program with endorsement and without endorsement.

The committee is composed of three professors who work with you to complete the dissertation. This committee consists of the chairperson, the methodologist and the reader.

We have a Collegial Cloud with all sorts of dissertation resources. We also have friendly professors who will work with you to be successful.