Woman teacher in a classroom wearing a graduation cap.

Concordia University Chicago is a Great Fit for a Full-Time Working Teacher

Concordia University Chicago provides a great experience for the full-time teacher who must balance work responsibilities while pursuing a master’s degree. Concordia’s online programs have a flexible schedules and convenient accessibility, which allows for full-time teachers to fit coursework around their professional roles and responsibilities while maximizing their use of time.

Concordia Will Allow You to Fit Your Coursework Around Your Professional Schedule

The great thing about Concordia was how it allowed me to fit coursework around my professional teaching schedule, ensuring my students’ educational experience didn’t suffer, and avoiding awkward conversations with the boss about missing work time in order to go class.

As a full-time teacher, I often observed colleagues missing important responsibilities like parent teacher conferences, department planning meetings, tutoring sessions and other clubs or sports as a result of their graduate studies. Let’s be honest, in the world of education, everybody understands the need for pursuing a degree in higher education. But when the rigid schedule of traditional graduate classes begins to interfere with professional work responsibilities, it can have a negative effect on your students’ educational experience at the very least, and at worst it can affect how principals or coworkers perceive your job performance. I observed first-hand the negative effect it had on student experiences and colleague perceptions.

Thanks to Concordia’s flexibility I never had to miss a work event, or explain to my students why I wasn’t around when they needed me. The program is a great fit for full-time teachers because it provides high-quality educational experience while allowing you to continue prioritizing the education of your students first.

Maximizing the Most of Your Time

As a full-time teacher, I really appreciated how Concordia allowed me to make the most productive use of my time. Our school hosts parent teacher conferences in the late afternoon/evening in order to allow working parents to attend as well. In addition, my responsibilities often require that I chaperone or facilitate after-school events that occur late after regular school hours. Normally my time between the end of the school day and the beginning of these events would have been wasted, but with Concordia’s online program being conveniently accessible anytime and anywhere, I was able to complete much of my coursework during this time. I was also able to avoid the inconvenience and wasted time that normally comes with commuting to graduate classes, and instead use that time complete coursework.

Having visibility of my entire course at one time really allowed me to plan ahead and be more productive as a teacher by incorporating coursework as much as possible into my regular curricular planning. For example, while taking a course on curriculum design, I was able to develop performance tasks and rubrics throughout the course that aligned with three units I teach in U.S. History. Being able to create curricular content for work while completing coursework for my degree was one of the greatest parts about getting my degree with Concordia as a full-time teacher.