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What You Learn

The public school administrator licensure program at Concordia University, Saint Paul is conducted as an online cohort program from beginning to end with start dates in September and March. The degree program is approved by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) and meets all requirements in Minnesota Administrative Rule 3512. Students applying for the Ed.S. licensure program must meet all Concordia University and Department entry requirements.

As illustrated below, the Ed.S. Program of study for a K-12 Principal License or School District Superintendent in Minnesota at Concordia University, Saint Paul includes eight (8) three-credit online semester courses and three (3) two-credit semester internship experience courses for a total of 30 graduate hours. The Internship Experience courses are designed to meet the 320 hours of internship required in Minnesota Rule.

The final steps in the licensure program to meet requirements in Minnesota Rule include a digital portfolio and situational observation interview demonstrating the competencies in Minnesota Rule have been met. The resulting degree is an Ed.S. in Education Leadership. Candidates completing their Ed.S. Education Leadership at Concordia University, Saint Paul are eligible to apply to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) for their Minnesota public school administrator license.

How You Learn

Online Format: This program is an exclusively online cohort. All instruction is conducted via video conferencing and through the online learning management system (Blackboard). Face to face meetings are not required; however, a weekly one hour video-conference session with the instructor and members of the cohort is required. You will still complete one 3 credit course every 7 weeks.

Career Outcomes

At completion of the program as outlined below, you will earn an Educational Specialist degree and be eligible for licensure in the state of Minnesota as a K-12 principal or superintendent.

Licensure Disclosure Statement: 

Each state has different requirements for professional licensure and certifications. CSP’s educator preparation programs are designed specifically to prepare students for licensure in Minnesota, but are not approved by any other state licensing boards for licensure in those states. CSP is unable to determine whether its teacher preparation programs would meet the educational requirements for licensure in other states.  Students who want to work in a state other than Minnesota should contact the state licensing board in their state before enrolling in the program.  Please see the contact information for teacher licensing boards here.

Degree Requirements

Educational Specialist Administrator Licensure Program of Study

K-12 Principal

Course #         TitleHours
EDPR 7001School Leadership: Foundations I3

EDPR 7002

School Leadership: Foundations II3

EDPR 7003

School Leadership for All Learners3

EDPR 7004

School Leadership for Instruction and Learning2

EDPR 7005

Organizational Leadership and Management for School Leaders2

EDPR 7006

Strategic Advancement for School Leaders3

EDPR 7007

Leadership of a Learning Organization3

EDPR 7008

Ethical and Legal School Leadership3

EDPR 7009

Elementary Level Internship


ED 7010

Middle Level Internship

ED 7011

Secondary Level Internship

 Digital Portfolio & Situational Observation Interview0
 Total Credit Hours:30
Non Licensed Teachers Only:
ED7013 Teaching Internship
 Total Credit Hours for Non-Licensed Teachers:34


Educational Specialist Administrator Licensure Program of Study

District Superintendent

Course #         TitleHours

EDSU 7001

District Leadership: Foundations I3

EDSU 7002

District Leadership: Foundations II3

EDSU 7003

District Leadership for All Learners3

EDSU 7004

District Leadership for Instruction and Learning3

EDSU 7005

Organizational Leadership and Management for District Leaders3

EDSU 7006

Strategic Advancement for District Leaders3

EDSU 7007

District Leadership of a Learning Organization3

EDSU 7008

Ethical and Legal District Leadership3
ED 7039Superintendent Internship6
 Digital Portfolio & Situational Observation Interview0
 Total Credit Hours:30
Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.