Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.)

Curriculum & Instruction

(Including K-12 Reading Endorsement)

In-Person or Online 30 major credits * 2 years

Affordable Tuition


*if using financial aid

How to Pay
Hurry! Classes Start September 2, 2019.

Program Highlights & Benefits

Courses stress practical applications

2 year or less program, including your summer and holiday break

Guaranteed tuition through the entire program

99% pass rate on the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination (MTLE) Reading Teacher test

What You Learn

The Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a K-12 Reading Endorsement is designed to prepare teachers to meet the learning needs of today’s K-12 students. Emphasis is placed on literacy development.

How You Learn

This program is an accelerated 2 year cohort program. In general, you will meet one night a week from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and finish one 3 credit course every 7 weeks. An online format is available that does not require face to face meetings; however, a weekly one hour synchronous audio/visual chat is required. You will still complete one 3 credit course every 7 weeks.


You must hold a current and valid Minnesota teaching license to enroll in the Master of Arts in Education program with the K-12 Reading Endorsement. Note: A passing score on the MTLE Reading test is required to earn the K-12 Reading Endorsement. The endorsement is added to your initial teaching license.

Career Outcomes

At completion of the program as outlined below, you will earn a Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum & Instruction with the K-12 Reading Endorsement.

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Education – Including K-12 Reading Endorsement

CI 560*Curriculum and Instruction in Literacy3
CI 561*Foundations of Literacy3
CI 562*Literacy Strategies for Grades K-63
CI 563*Literacy Strategies for Grades 7-123
CI 564*Assessment, Evaluation, and Supervision in Literacy Programs
ED 521Educational Research and Applications3
ED 502Educational Issues3
ED 508Legal and Ethical Issues in Education3
ED 507Diversity in Education3
ED 590Conducting Research and Completing the Capstone3
 Total Credit Hours:30
Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.

The state of Minnesota requires completion of 30 clinical hours to complete the K-12 Reading Endorsement. These hours are embedded in the coursework. The total hours are made up of 8 hours of volunteer time in grades 6th-8th (middle school), 8 hours of time in grades K-5th (elementary school), 8 hours of time in 9th-12th (high school) and 6 hours shadowing a district employee working in the realm of literacy. The hours will need to be completed outside of the teacher’s regular classroom, during the regular school year (not during summer school). Please make sure to allow for personal time to complete these hours prior to starting the program.

*Courses denoted with an asterisk are the courses required to complete the Reading Endorsement only.