Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.)

Online 64 major credits * 3 years
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What You Learn

The Doctorate in Education (Ed. D.) degree at CSP Global is for graduate students seeking to maximize their leadership and scholarship talents with the support of their colleagues, faculty, and instructional practitioners. Two significant leadership areas are designed into the program. The first area of concentration addresses the application of leadership approaches to advance organizations through implementation of planning, problem-solving, communication, collaboration and learning facilitation. The second area focuses on scholarship for understanding, evaluating, and producing research applicable to improving organizations. The program is designed to enhance leadership and scholarship skills in a student’s current role and as they plan for their dynamic future with the completed degree.

How You Learn

Online Format: The program is an online learning experience in a cohort setting. The course work blends leadership and scholarship learning through 17 courses (seven week, three credit courses) through asynchronous and synchronous sessions. The program does provide two doctorate residencies for one week in July on the St. Paul campus. You are assigned a leadership coach to support and mentor you throughout the program’s learning experience.

Program Outcomes

The doctorate degree (Ed.D.) provides advanced career opportunities in a variety of educational fields. The degree is also transferable to numerous leadership opportunities beyond education, including private, non-profit, public, and government organizations. Most importantly, students complete their doctorate with a recognition of the importance that the embedded learning has had on their effectiveness to serve, lead research and continually develop as a practitioner. 

Degree Requirements

Doctorate in Education

ED 7040Leadership and Scholarship I3
ED 7041Leadership and Scholarship II3
ED 7046Leadership and Scholarship III3
ED 7063Leadership and Scholarship IV3
ED 7090Leadership and Scholarship Coaching I1
ED 7047Influences and Assessment of Public Policy3
ED 7080Residency I: Leadership and Problems of Practice3
ED 7048Organizational Theory3
ED 7091Leadership and Scholarship Coaching II1
ED 7065Quantitative Research Methods3
ED 7083Qualitative Research Methods3
ED 7067Organizational Resource Management3
ED 7068Solutions Based Leadership3
ED 7081Residency II: Dissertation Preparation3
ED 7082Research Development3
ED 7070Ethical Leadership3
ED 7069Strategic Advancement3
ED 7084Research Design3
DIS 7001Dissertation I2
DIS 7002Dissertation II3
DIS 7003Dissertation III3
DIS 7004Dissertation IV3
DIS 7005Dissertation V3
 Total Credit Hours:64
Please Note:
A 1-week on campus residency is required during summers of the 2nd and 3rd years.