Doctoral FAQ

COVID 19 Update – September 7th Start Date Still on Target

That depends on what courses are being requested for transfer. Credits earn for another degree are not transferable. Credits have to be post masters or post specialist. No research methodology credits are transferable. Maximum credits transferable is 23.

About 4 years. Course work takes 3 years and 1 year to complete the dissertation.

Yes, with 2 exceptions, during the 2 and 3rd years there is a week long summer residency that is required. Students are required to be on campus. ( This is  Usually the 3rd week of July)

Yes, students must complete 6 credits of K-12 internship and the program director will determine the number of additional required courses.

One 3 credit course is  7 weeks in length. So a student would enroll in  6 credits per semester including summers