Ed.S. Profile of a Graduate

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The Ed.S. Profile of a Graduate, noted below, identifies the attainable leadership outcomes upon completion of the program.

The graduate profile identifies the attainable Educational Specialist Leadership Outcomes through a collective commitment from all students, faculty and instructors in four areas of focus – Leadership, Application, Innovation and Community.

Ed.S. EDGE Enhancements  

Concordia University’s Educational Leadership Program recognizes several learning and leadership enhancements for students seeking their Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.).  These opportunities create a “value edge” over graduate programs in other institutions.

  • Developing & implementing a Personal Leadership Profile Website for leadership work into the future.
  • Applying leadership experiences through real and relevant Training & Internships.
  • Providing 18 or 24 month Degree completion and pathway options within 18 to 24 months.  
  • Ongoing leadership support following graduation.
  • Completing the Educational Specialist degree for under $12,500.
  • Transferring of up to 18 credits from the Ed.S. Program toward the CSP’s Ed.D. (Earn a doctorate degree for an additional $28,000).

Instructional Team & Faculty Bios


  • Dr. Rob Franchino
  • Dr. Tyrone Brookins
  • Dr. Kate Maguire
  • Jane Berenz
  • Dr. Barbara Bottoms
  • Dr. Alison Gillespie
  • Dr. Andrew Vollmuth
  • Julie Critz
  • Michael Lehan
  • Dr. Jeff Ronneberg
  • Dr. Carly Baker