Master of Arts (M.A.)

Instructional Technology

Hybrid 30 major credits * 2 years

Reduced Tuition


*if using financial aid

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Program Highlights & Benefits

Hybrid format combines personal experience with convenience of online learning

2 year completion time, including breaks

Cohort model helps facilitate supportive and collaborative learning

Workload designed for full time professional educators

Goals and Focus of the Program

The Master of Arts in Instructional Technology program focuses on the ability of the candidate to understand the networked learner (student and teacher) in a 21st century classroom/setting and to align instruction with the needs of each student using ISTE, Common Core, and content standards. The focus of the program is to develop candidates’ capacities to use social media as a platform to engage learners and teachers in connecting authentically to a network of learners/teachers and classrooms/settings globally. Courses teach candidates how to use technologies authentically and purposefully as they develop performance-based learning and assessment experiences which meet the learning needs of each student. Development of units, projects and lessons are based on the philosophy of backward-design, Universal Design, and is standards based. Each course develops candidates’ abilities to use technology to meet the needs of all students including second language learners and special needs students.

Program Design

The Master of Arts in Instructional Technology program follows a cohort instructional model with a hybrid delivery structure. Eight-week courses include a combination of face-to-face as well as online classes determined by course content. This program includes face-to-face sessions that take place from 4:45 PM – 8:45 PM on the same night of the week at a central location. Online sessions may require meeting virtually during this scheduled class time. The duration of the program is approximately two years.


Candidates in the Master of Arts in Instructional Technology program will hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5, a current teaching certificate, one year of full time, contracted, teaching experience and access to a classroom throughout the program to fulfill field study requirements.

Degree Requirements and Career Outcome

The degree requirements for this program are successful completion of program’s courses (listed below) and a passing score on the comprehensive exam taken after all coursework is complete. Upon completion of this program, candidates will have earned a Master of Arts degree in Instructional Technology. This is not a certificate, licensure or endorsement program.

Plan of Study

CourseTitle  Hours
EDUC 516
Educational Technology: Theory and Application
EDUC 570
Technology in Education
EDUC 534
Assessment for Learning
EDUC 536
Technology for Learning
SPEC 538
Critical Literacy
EDUC 584
Integrating Technology and Literacy
SPEC 505
Assistive Technology for Access to the Curriculum Special Education
EDUC 587
Public School Law
EDUC 515
Educational Research
EDUC 537
Reflective Practitioner
 Total Credit Hours:30
Please Note:

Anticipated Comprehensive Exam Date, if needed: March 2023

The courses for this program may be offered in a different order. This list should not be considered the finalized course sequence.