How Do I Pay for Graduate School?

Financial Aid Process • Payment Plans

Payment Options

We know that paying for your graduate degree is an important factor when choosing a school. Contact the Graduate Information Office to talk more about the key factors to consider – or, read on to learn about the different ways you can finance your graduate degree.

Financial Aid Process

Applying for Financial Aid

Complete all steps below to apply for financial aid. Note: There are financial aid options that are not based on need. Most students in the off-campus programs use financial aid to pay for the program. We recommend that you complete these steps as soon as possible to make sure that your payment arrangements are in order by the first night of class. For help, please contact the Student Financial Services Office at (860) 231-5223.


Students should submit the 2023-2024 form. You will need your 2021 Federal Tax Return and University of Saint Joseph’s School Code (001409). Graduate students are considered independent for financial aid purposes.


Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy

You will receive this report 7-10 days after the FAFSA is submitted. If there are any errors on your SAR, log back into your FAFSA to make corrections.


You will receive your financial aid award letter from USJ

This lists the financial aid that you qualify for. You will have to decline or accept the award. Be sure to contact Student Financial Services Office if you have any questions about your award.


Complete Loan Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note

All federal loan borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling. Both can be completed at

Federal Loan Requirements

To be eligible to borrow funds under the Federal Direct Loan Program, you must:

  1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  2. Be a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen

  3. Not be in default or overpayment on prior educational loans

  4. Maintain satisfactory academic progress

Questions? Contact the Student Financial Services Office at (860) 231-5223 or

University of Saint Joseph offers payment plans to help make your graduate degree more affordable by dividing your tuition into monthly payments.

How to Enroll in the Payment Plan

  1. Log into your myUSJ account at Click on the “Student” tab and then click on CASHNet link.
  2. Select Payment Plan. From the CASHNet link you will need to find and click on “OCM Payment Plan” and enter in your account balance for the budget amount. Enrollment fee is $15.00 per semester.
  3. Payments for the online payment plan must be made online at CASHNet using your Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or withdrawal from your savings or checking account. There is a 2.75% processing fee for credit or debit cards.

Questions? Contact Student Accounts at (860) 231-5266 or by e-mail at

The Department of Education offers several options for Federal Loan Forgiveness or Discharge for teachers. The U.S. Department of Education will determine your eligibility for these programs; which are: Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Perkins Loan Discharge. University of Saint Joseph is not responsible to verify your eligibility for this or any other program. Please do not base your enrollment on this program as it can be difficult to ensure qualification for Government Programs, which are subject to reform and funding changes.  

Information and supplemental applications for each of these processes can be found at under How to Repay Your Loans then Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge. 

The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program provides up to $4,000 a year in grant assistance to students who are completing coursework towards certain high-need fields. In order to be eligible for a grant, a student must submit a FAFSA form and sign an Agreement to Serve as a full-time teacher at certain low-income schools and within certain high-need fields for at least four academic years within eight years after completing (or ceasing enrollment in) the course of study for which the candidate received a grant. The U.S. Department of Education and Student Financial Services Office will determine your eligibility for this program. The TEACH Grant converts to an unsubsidized Direct Loan if the student fails to complete any part of his or her obligation. This loan, plus interest, must be repaid.

For more information and to complete an Agreement to Serve (ATS) form, visit

Important Notes

  • Enrollment for monthly payment plan is only available after course registration.
  • If there is a previous balance on your account, CASHNet will adjust the payment plan.
  • Payments must be made online.