Master of Education

plus Teacher Certification

Online 42 credits * 2 years
MEd program tuition only $9,000!
Principal Certification tuition only $8,000!
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Program Highlights & Benefits

Flexible, online format

1 academic year of coursework, 1 year of internship

Two pathways available for Texas Teacher Certification

Small class size for personalized attention


A career in education leads to a lifetime of helping others to fulfill their potential for success in life and career. The Master of Education plus Texas Teacher Certification degree is for professionals who desire to earn a master’s in education and pursue a teaching career. This program specializes in three core competency areas: Instructional Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Leadership. Students complete the program as individuals who are trauma informed, ready to lead, equipped to have a positive impact on today’s learners, and empowered to make an impact within their schools.

What You Learn

This program incorporates the three primary competency of areas of Instructional Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Leadership through a convenient online program delivered by highly qualified and award-winning faculty. Our interconnected curriculum provides faculty mentoring, collaboration and professional development without unnecessary papers and tests. We use practical based application of the curriculum to develop well rounded teaching professionals to have a positive impact in today’s K12 environment. 

How You Learn

Our convenient online format provides professionals the opportunity to make a positive impact in schools through our collaborative and interconnected curriculum. Throughout each course there will be constant communication between faculty and students for a consistent, balanced program. Fall and Spring semesters are 15 weeks, and the summer semester is 4-5 weeks. The Master’s in Education plus Teacher Certification Program also offers two pathways for Texas teacher certification after successful completion of coursework: One year paid Internship through a school district, or 1 semester of unpaid graduate clinical teaching. Students can select the pathway that most aligns with their needs and career goals.

Internship: Hired by a school district as a full-time teacher, you will fulfill all teaching responsibilities while receiving beginning teacher salary and any other employee benefits agreed upon or offered by the hiring district. The internship includes all required testing and TEA required trainings needed for all first-year educators which provides beneficial credentials and an advantage over all regular alternative certification candidates competing for the same positions. You start with an advanced degree and all trainings, including certificates in mental health, dyslexia, T-TESS training in lesson planning, Trauma- Informed Pedagogy, and training in Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Graduate Clinical Teaching: 1-semester of full-time, unpaid placement with faculty at the university and an assigned mentor, in which faculty and your mentor provides opportunities for you to plan and deliver lessons to entire class of students.

Career Outcomes

This program is excellent for those who wish to become certified and pursue a career in teaching. The curriculum provides the best opportunity to succeed in all facets of teaching and curriculum development.

Degree Requirements

An interview with the admissions team is required to determine undergraduate qualifications through a transcript analysis and for candidates to select a certification area.

1st Semester

Course Title Credits
EDUC 5301 Diversity and Equity in Learning 3
EDUC 5313 Research-Based Instruction and Supervision of Learning 3
EDUC 5323 Learning Theory and Child Development 3
EDUC 5324 Assessment for Diverse Learning 3

2nd Semester

EDUC 5303Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC 5304Educational Research3
EDUC 5341Disciplinary Literacy Research and Instructional Strategies3
EDUC 5326Instructional Technology and Digital Literacy for Instructional Leaders3

3rd Semester

EDUC 5312School/Community Relations and Collaboration3
EDUC 5321Trends and Issues in Education3
EDUC 5340The Science of Reading for Educational Leaders3
EDUC 6302Education Theory and Leadership3
 Total Credit Hours:36



Candidates may only certify in areas in which Schreiner University is TEA approved: EC-6 Core Subjects, EC-6 Core Subjects 4-8, Core Subjects 4-8 Math, Core Subjects 4-8 Math/Science, Core Subjects 4-8 ELAR, Life, Science 7-12 ( Biology), Chemistry 7-12, History 7-12, English 7-12, Math 7-12, Art EC-12, Music EC-12, Physical Education EC-12

EDUC 5307Internship I: Graduate Teacher Certification3
EDUC 5308

Internship II: Graduate Teaching Certification OR EDUC 5601- Internship: Graduate Clinical Teaching

 Total Credit Hours:6