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Thank you for your interest in Schreiner University's Master’s and Certification Programs.

To reserve a seat in your preferred program, we will need your application and application fee. (Steps 1 and 2).


Application for Graduate Admission

Complete and submit the graduate application by clicking the button.


Application fee

$25 Application fee

Once your seat has been reserved, follow the remaining steps to complete your admissions file:


Financial Aid & Payment Options

Determine how to pay for the program: Financial Aid or Pay-As-You-Go. If using Financial Aid, complete the FAFSA. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible.

If using a Pay-as-You-Go plan, click the button for more information.


Official Transcripts

Please request official transcripts from your baccalaureate degree institution. If your college allows, please send electronic transcripts to admissions – MEd plus Teaching Certificate applicants- Unofficial transcripts can be submitted for coursework evaluation only. Official transcripts are needed for acceptance into the program.


TEA ID (Principal Certification Applicants Only)

A copy of your TEA ID is required for Principal as Instructional Leader Certification applicants only. You may add your TEA ID to your application or email it to Jenna Alletto at


Official Service Records (Principal Certification Applicants Only)

Please upload your official service records from your current place of employment. Please note: You must have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience in order to qualify for the Principal program.


Interview (Principal Certification and MEd plus Teacher Certification Applicants Only)

Schedule your interview with the program director


Pre-Admission Content Exam (PACT)(MEd plus Teaching Certification Applicants Only)

MEd plus Teaching Certification applicants must submit a copy of passing scores for the Certification Officer to validate.

All MEd plus Teacher Certification applicants must have a completed transcript evaluation and interview with the program director to determine eligibility. MEd plus Teaching Certificate applicants should initially complete steps 1, 2, 4, and 7.

All Principal as Instructional Leader Certification applicants must hold a Masters degree and at least 2 years of teaching experience. Principal as Instructional Leader Certification should initially complete steps 1, and 2-7.