A student counts their money with a calculator while holding tuition paperwork.

How I Paid for my Doctorate Degree from Concordia University Saint Paul

In today’s highly competitive career market, continuing education, professional growth, and lifelong learning are critical for all fields regarding personal and professional growth. Often, our choice to continue our academic growth related to our career fields is what will make you stand out in a crowded field.

This investment of time and money is a big decision, especially for professionals with work, family, and activity variables. When it comes to making this investment, we often look for high-quality learning in addition to value and flexibility. Considering the questions and variables at hand, one may wonder if they can sustain the investment that will result in the high-quality professional growth opportunities they seek.

As an educator, speaking from personal experience, the flexibility Concordia University St. Paul offers its doctoral students makes all elements of their doctoral program within reach for everyone.

How Did I Make This Sustainable Investment?

In addition to high-quality advisors and staff that guide you through your program and research processes while helping you balance life and work obligations, Concordia walks you through all aspects of financing your professional growth and development program. Personally, it starts with conversation and support from your family.

As with any investment of time and money, working with your budgets and time management begins with those closest to you. Everyone’s cost-benefit analysis will be different, but in the end, I was able to find ways with my family to make this work. As educators, many programs support educational research, contracts that offer incentives or reimbursement for continuing education, and other federal financing programs that make finishing a doctoral program feasible.

Again, this conversation starts with those who will be supporting you through the process. As you consider starting the program, consider additional costs you will likely incur, including professional editing, materials, and supplemental academic resources. Be sure to talk with advisors, colleagues, and professionals who have gone through doctoral programs about those costs and plan accordingly. Like a good research process, planning for financing your program is crucial for completion.

How Can Concordia Help?

I was very fortunate to continue my education with Concordia University St. Paul. They are there to walk you through all elements of the doctoral process, including offering flexibility in paying for your doctoral program; their knowledge of programs that educators can take advantage of keeps the investment in reach for all educational professionals. They will cover everything from loan programs, grants and scholarships, and pay-as-you-go options allowing you to make the best decision for everyone’s circumstances.

Concordia’s goal of ensuring equitable success for their learners drives the value and flexibility they offer to see you complete your program. This type of personalized attention will be noticed through all aspects of your programming before, during, and after completion.

Can I Do This as a Working Educational Professional?

Simple answer, yes. How do I personally know this? I was one of many educators within the first cohort to have and complete the experience. Being in contact with many from the cohort, I think you will find that educators can make this work into their schedules, budgets, and family lives.

Through thoughtful planning and building strong support networks, you will find a unique and personalized experience. My experience, I believe, is just one of many successful doctoral program experiences at Concordia University St. Paul. The programs I was able to take advantage of, from PSLF to flexible payment and loan options, fit my family life and I have benefitted from professional growth and advancement in the field of education.

If you have any hesitation, reach out to any of the many dedicated professionals at Concordia University St. Paul and talk about your options for successfully completing your doctoral degree. You will find genuine personal attention, high-quality learning, great value, and a professional program that will enrich your experience as an educator at any level.