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How Concordia University St. Paul Made Getting my Master’s Degree Affordable

There were many appealing aspects that helped make my decision to enroll in Concordia University St. Paul’s master’s in educational technology program. However, one of the final decision makers was the affordability. After shopping around for the right master’s program for me, this component pushed me to choose this university for my postgraduate educational degree. This is a decision I haven’t regretted for the following reasons:

Concordia University St. Paul provides its students with an affordable tuition. I was fortunate enough to not have to apply for financial aid, but an affordable and upfront sticker price was necessary for me in order to budget for the two-year program. One thing I particularly liked about the tuition price was that it was fixed. Throughout the two-year program, I knew that I was guaranteed the same price for each semester. This understanding of the financial commitment was important, as my husband and I were planning on starting a family during the program. Had I been unsure if the tuition prices would inflate, I may not have chosen Concordia for my degree.

Along with being confident in the cost of the program, there was another financial aspect that stood out to me with Concordia, and that was the advisers. The financial aid advisers were more than supportive. They would send out friendly reminders to tell me that upcoming payments were due. When I first enrolled, they walked me step-by-step through navigating the university’s website in order to ensure that I knew how to check my status and make easy payments. I would even receive follow-up emails letting me know they had received my check in the mail. Along with this, I felt like I could ask the advisers any questions, whether big or small, and they would give me a clear answer. While I didn’t know what kind of advising I would need when I enrolled in the program, I was more than happy with what Concordia provided me.

There were several attractive aspects that encouraged my decision to enroll in Concordia University St. Paul’s master’s program. Of these aspects, the most noteworthy was the transparency of the fixed tuition price that I could trust wouldn’t change for me throughout the program. Also, the reliability and support of the financial advisers was very surprising and extremely helpful. I am thankful that these reasons pushed me to choose Concordia for my postgraduate degree.