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My Ed-Tech Master’s Degree in Minnesota: Was It Worth It?

Truthfully, I knew the answer to this question before I even started at Concordia University-Saint Paul. I was sure that obtaining an ed-tech master’s degree in Minnesota would further my educational credentials, but it would also better prepare me for 21st century learning. Yet while I knew the answer to, “Is an ed-tech master’s degree in Minnesota worth it?”, I could not fully fathom the extent to which a postgraduate degree would shape in how I provide instruction, and ultimately, in how my students learn

An Ed-Tech Master’s Degree in Minnesota is Designed to Enhance Student Involvement

A master’s in educational technology from Concordia University- Saint Paul is designed to prepare educators to utilize technology effectively in order to enhance student involvement. The program explores various educational tools and the appropriate approaches to unveiling them in a classroom. The courses are designed to help teachers redefine the way they approach instruction in order to create lessons for students that were previously unimaginable.

How My Ed-Tech Masters Helped Improve My Classroom Environment

I saw the change in my classroom environment improve almost immediately. My students, particularly the ones that tended to sit back and watch, came to life. They would walk in each morning and say, “Hey Mrs. B, what are we learning today?” This daily question was almost a challenge for me to bring in some unique and new tech tool that would excite my students. This wasn’t hard to do, because of  how much content Concordia University- Saint Paul’s ed-tech classes gave me to work with. I was confident that whatever strategy I put into action in my classroom would be what was best for students, since the course material was research-based and shown to engage and enrich learning. I particularly liked the collaboration amongst my graduate classmates, and how we would come back each week and share what we had tried in our classrooms. My colleagues and I would also brainstorm ideas to improve learning and instruction amongst our.

Benefits of an Ed. Tech Masters

So, should I have gotten my master’s degree in Minnesota? Yes. And not because I now have more credentials behind my name. The knowledge I acquired from my master’s program in ed-tech reignited my aspirations as a teacher and allowed me to make a more impactful and engaging classroom experience for each student that walks through my doors. It’s been SO worth it.