A future student stands with a book bag and books in her hands, looking at a informational college stand.

Reasons to Attend Concordia University Irvine

There are many benefits in pursuing and completing a graduate degree. Selecting an institution to do so is a big decision. Five top reasons to choose Concordia University Irvine (CUI) include a put-together website that makes it easy to find information, including a streamlined application process, a flexible format for completing your degree, accreditation by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), a program that builds upon itself for student success, and a staff that is committed to supporting students as they progress through their coursework and complete their capstone.

Easy-to-Find Information and a Streamlined Application Process

In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to accessing information instantaneously, and when we can’t, we can become a bit frustrated. Concordia University Irvine’s website is deliberately concise and easy to navigate. The information is organized to be readily available for those considering CUI as the institution in which to complete a graduate degree.

CUI’s degree programs are well laid out with all important information posted and a link to request information and get questions answered. The online application for admission is not complicated to complete and submit. A link to the admissions staff is included, and the admissions staff is very responsive and helpful in the application process.

In addition, the website contains a lot of helpful information once an applicant becomes a student. Courses, calendars, textbooks, and instructor contact information are posted on the website. Applicants and students will find CUI’s website a great location to access vital information as they pursue a graduate degree.

Flexible Format

Typically, graduate students are already into the career mode, and many have families or elderly parents they are caring for. CUI offers flexible formatting for their online graduate degree programs allowing students to choose a timeline that compliments work scheduling and ensuring personal time. Coursework is entirely online with eight-week terms.

Students can take two courses every eight weeks and complete the degree in 12 months or take one course every eight weeks and complete the degree in 24 months. All learning sessions are completely asynchronous, with no face-to-face meetings required. Students choose how and when to work on and complete assigned work.

When involved in a group project, the group members determine how and when to engage. Blackboard, the learning management system used by CUI, has a group communication tool embedded to assist with group project communication and completion. Flexible formatting allows working adults to build time into their schedules to manage and complete their coursework to be awarded a graduate degree.

Accredited by WSCUC

For graduate students, selecting an accredited institution is an essential aspect of the process. Degrees awarded from accredited institutions are insured for being recognized as high quality. For example, Concordia University Irvine is accredited by WSCUC.

This accreditation is evidence-based; the university has gone through visits, both planned and spontaneous, to be sure that they comply with rigorous standards and have developed and implemented the Campus Effectiveness Plan. The university financial stability is reviewed annually, as are its retention and placement rates. The process for accreditation, which is done every ten years, is non-governmental, voluntary, and peer-based for an assurance of quality at CUI.

Programs for Student Success

For students, it is vital that their learning is linked to prior learning and that they have the time to dig deeper into current learning. As a student progresses through their coursework at CUI, they will find that each course builds needed skills to complete the capstone and builds the knowledge required to become an expert in what they choose for their capstone focus.

Students are required to write in the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style. This will be a new type of writing for many students, and it takes some practice to master this. The instructors of each course nurture these writing skills and coach students to become proficient APA writers before beginning their capstone. Additional support personnel that can be accessed through the library services to give input on written work and make suggestions for improvement prior to a piece of work being submitted.

Focusing on a course over an eight-week period is ideal in gaining a depth of knowledge about a particular aspect of what is being learned. The progression of courses builds upon each other and supports acquiring knowledge leading up to a student preparing their capstone. The capstone is intentionally built one section at a time in a logical order to complete in a timely manner and at a high level for the graduate degree to be awarded. In addition, the coursework is focused on current and cutting-edge aspects of the area of study for each graduate degree.

Highly Qualified Professors

CUI has selected highly qualified instructors that are committed to student success. These instructors are well-versed in their subject matter and have chosen current textbooks and pertinent support materials to enhance the learning that is to be gained from their courses.  They are readily available to answer questions and coach students to improve their APA writing skills and grow their understanding of the subject matter.

They respond promptly to emails and give input on the class discussion boards. They also gently challenge the learner to grow in their knowledge and explain that knowledge. The CUI graduate student will feel supported and encouraged to succeed beyond their initial understanding of their graduate degree. This institution of higher learning is genuinely a community of learners with well-chosen educational leaders.

There are many good reasons to attend Concordia University Irvine to pursue a graduate degree. Five significant reasons have been highlighted to shine a light on why CUI is an excellent choice for a potential graduate student.