A school teacher writes in a mark book in her classroom.

All About Concordia University Irvine’s M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Program

What does the M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Program encompass?

It is my pleasure to serve as Program Director for the M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Program (C&I) at Concordia University Irvine. In this role, I’m able to work, side by side, with excellent instructors who are experts and practitioners in the field and who bring a wealth of content knowledge and practical experience to the classroom.

The C&I master’s degree program is ten classes for a total of 30 units. Students have the option of completing the degree in either one year (two classes each term) or two years (one class each term). The program is designed so that students go through their courses as a cohort, and by graduation, many friendships and partnerships have been formed. Assignments are designed so that teachers can focus on standards that apply in their state and the culminating capstone project provides an individualized experience for every learner.

What differentiates Concordia University Irvine’s M.A.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Program from other schools that offer similar programs?

One thing that sets Concordia apart is a focus on servant leadership. As a Christian university, instructors and students are free to talk about their faith and integrate a Christian worldview when discussing topics. The program is rigorous and challenging, but we strive to balance this with a personalized approach so that each student feels valued. This approach starts day one when a new student applies, continues through the enrollment process, and is maintained through small class sizes and dedicated instructors.

How will this program help educators during this time of COVID and post-COVID teaching? How will it better prepare them for today’s education challenges?

The goals of the C&I program are to provide content based on current trends in education, encourage immediate classroom implications, and foster opportunities to discuss relevant topics with other practitioners in the field. For example, instructors were encouraged to pivot and allow students to talk about challenges many faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures.

While all C&I classes are virtual and asynchronous, we do our best to encourage as much personal interaction as possible through weekly instructor videos and ongoing discussion board conversations. Our students appreciate the nice balance between flexibility and personal touch.

What career opportunities are available to students who graduate from the program?

Most graduates of the C&I program plan to continue in their current teaching post while moving up on the pay scale. Others use their degree when applying for district positions or a new role, such as curriculum coach.

Why should a prospective student choose this program? Why should they choose Concordia University Irvine?

Prospective students should attend an M.A.Ed. Information Night to learn more about the application process and program requirements. In 2021, C&I celebrates 87 graduates who are going out and continuing to make a difference in schools and communities. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be part of their journey and look forward, each term, to welcoming a new cohort of students.