Someone sitting at a desk with a laptop filling out a college application.

How Concordia University Irvine Made the Admission Process Easy

As I began my journey into graduate school, the anticipation of the admissions process was daunting. I expected the process to be arduous, tedious, and time-consuming. However, as an applicant to Concordia University Irvine, I found the admission process to be straightforward, well organized, and supportive.

Helpful, Available Advisors

One benefit of the admission process at Concordia is the assistance of advisors. My admissions advisor was incredibly helpful in explaining the components of the program and various in-person and online delivery options to help me determine which would be the best fit for my professional goals and lifestyle. My advisor’s personalized communication was impeccable; he promptly answered numerous emails regarding class sizes, units required of the program, and more.

Once I had determined to apply to Concordia University Irvine, my advisor was able to assist me in understanding the requirements of the application. Throughout the application process, my advisor clearly communicated with me any outstanding, required documentation, such as credentials, reference forms, transcripts, or tests. Having a reliable advisor who supplied me with such guided support was a valuable and personal introduction to Concordia University Irvine.

Navigating Requirements and Finding Information

In addition to my advisor’s communication, I could easily advance through the process of admissions by navigating the requirements enumerated on the Student Application Checklist. I found the requirements to be distinctly defined and easy to locate in these step-by-step directions.

When possible and sensible, Concordia University Irvine designed the requirements in a way that lightened the load of the applicant. For example, once I completed the transcript release form, Concordia ordered and paid for my official transcripts. Furthermore, Concordia was able to determine my academic eligibility based upon my previous scholastic records rather than a graduate admissions test. As a working professional and parent, I was relieved to know that it was not required to prepare and take an entrance exam, as Concordia was able to assess and verify my academic abilities in alternate ways. With the combination of the Student Application Checklist and my advisor’s guidance, I was able to properly and efficiently submit my application to join the next cohort.

Locating information about my program of interest was simple. A provided schedule reflected the sequence of classes that I would take during my 16-month program. Important dates and academic calendars often were shared before I started my classes, which allowed me to plan and manage my time and other commitments.

Resources Available

Once I was a prospective student, I was granted access to MyCUI, which was a primary resource for me. Within the website, I received access to my personal information, academic records, and financial records. It was a hub where I could review my registration status, class schedules, and Eagles Gmail. Utilizing MyCUI, I was able to access critical information prior to beginning a program; this gave me the opportunity to be organized from the start.


When deciding upon a graduate program, affordability was a factor. While researching different universities, I was impressed by Concordia’s value of making graduate school accessible. One way Concordia implements this principle is through its tuition. Rather than establishing an expensive tuition with the carrot of a possible scholarship, Concordia University Irvine determines a reasonable tuition rate that all students can afford. With this transparency, applicants do not need to depend upon the variability of scholarships.

In addition, Concordia guaranteed the same flat tuition throughout the entire program so I did not need to anxiously anticipate or prepare for increased tuition costs once I had begun my program. Through this commitment, Concordia University Irvine reflects the loyalty it has to its students and grants peace of mind to those who may be weary of future hidden expenses.

Financial Aid

When looking at the decision to continue my education, I knew I would need to apply for financial assistance. Thankfully, I was able to work with a financial aid advisor who gave explicit directions as to how to apply for FAFSA. Applying for FAFSA using my tax records was surprisingly simple. Within MyCUI, I was able to track my financial records of student tuition bills, payments, awarded loan distributions, and tuition refunds. With the help of CUI, the financial aid process was seamless.


Sometimes we procrastinate when we think the task ahead is overwhelming. Once I began the journey of applying, it was unexpectedly uncomplicated. In fact, Concordia University Irvine’s application is thoughtfully organized and designed for prospective students’ ease of completion. What a welcoming way to be launched into graduate school!

Now that you’ve seen how easy the admission process is, begin your next journey at Concordia University Irvine. Explore our available programs to get started today!