How Concordia University Irvine Made the Program Convenient for Full-Time Teachers

I have assessments to complete, each with a written report. I have students to see, and notations to write about their progress. I have a family who needs my time. I don’t have time to drive to a class, sit through the class, then drive back home. To have to do this for more than one class at a time, I might as well not even bother trying to advance my education.

That was my thinking before Concordia University Irvine (CUI) introduced me to their online program in education technology. A program where one class is taken every eight weeks, with an online class session collaborating with a cohort and a professor in the comfort of your home or chosen WiFi-connected location, made attaining my advanced degree feasible and within reach. It’s as if CUI evaluated my specific needs and tailored its program accordingly, allowing me to schedule my studies outside my work schedule.

With time at a premium, I didn’t worry about time lost driving through traffic or looking for parking. I focused on one class at a time for eight weeks. Many of the class assignments were relevant enough to begin incorporating them with my student lessons immediately — a win/win for me and the students to whom I am committed.

Many of the professors are themselves working teachers in the elementary or secondary schools. They understand about conference schedules, district vacations/breaks, and the obligatory open house and back-to-school nights. Your assignment due dates, online classes, and projects can be adjusted accordingly. These accommodations make completing classes, and ultimately the program, much more convenient.

Keep in mind, however, that this is advanced education, which means the rigor and quality of the teaching require a serious work ethic. CUI allows you the convenience to apply that work ethic while continuing your full-time teaching assignment. Although it’s no walk in the park, neither is it a walk through hot coals …  and CUI will be walking with you.