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‘Least restrictive environment’ is written on a clipboard and sits on a desk next to a pair of glasses and books.
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What is Least Restrictive Environment?

When referencing the “least restrictive environment”, it sounds like a place. It is not one place; instead, it is a philosophy schools must use according

Front view of students reading behind books while sitting in a corridor.
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The Science of Reading

Being able to read and comprehend text is so important. It impacts the way students receive all subject areas, not just information taught in reading

A little girl in an orange shirt sits on a window sill, crying with her face buried in her knees.
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Anxiety in Children: What You Need to Know

Children commonly have worries, usually about the unknown within situations they may be facing. When children cannot visualize or understand the outcome of a new

A young teacher stands at the front of class while students raise their hands.
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Challenges of a First-Year Teacher

Typical Challenges of a First-Year Teacher It’s the first day of school, filled with anticipation, hope, and even a touch of anxiety. After spending years

ESL written in white chalk on a black chalkboard.
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ESL Resources for New Teachers

Typical Challenges for New Teachers All new jobs are stressful in the beginning. However, nothing entirely prepares someone for their first job as a teacher.

A wooden cut-out of a person stands on a laptop wearing a graduation cap.
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How Does Alternative Teacher Certification Work?

What is Alternative Teacher Certification? An alternative teacher certification provides individuals with a pathway to become certified to teach. It is specifically aimed toward allowing

‘Accreditation’ spelled out with letter blocks.
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The Benefits of Choosing an Accredited College

What is an Accredited College? Nationally accredited colleges are institutions that are recognized as providing legitimate programs and courses of study by an official accrediting