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Professional development

The Benefits of Interleaving

What is Interleaving? Interleaving is a term that refers to mixing various educational topics together. It is sometimes called Mixed Practice. Using interleaving in the

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Master's resources

How to Become an Academic Advisor

What Does an Academic Advisor Do? Academic advisors are crucial to the success of many students. Academic advisors have a variety of different roles which

Professional development

Why Continued Adult SEL is Needed

Why is Continued Social-Emotional Learning for Adults Needed? Schools are microcosms of the world at large. The greatest challenges facing our schools (and our society)

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Administrative office

COVID Successes: Parental Involvement

How Involved were Parents Pre-COVID? This article will address COVID-19 successes with parental involvement. Before COVID-19, attendance was an issue for a lot of students,

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K-12 Education Grants To Check Out

For the purposes of this article, I am going to limit the discussion of educational grants from the perspective of a school district securing funding

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Innovative Staff Training Strategies

Many have said that professional development for educators isn’t very useful. They claim that, despite the best intentions, there is no real evidence that suggests

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