What is a Master’s in Instructional Technology

Allen Baragar
Allen Baragar
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The desired outcome of a master’s in education with a focus on Instructional technology is becoming an educator who has expanded his/her knowledge in the use of technology in the classroom. Upon completion of the instructional technology master’s, the student will have increased not only their ability to utilize technology in the classroom, but their ability to help other teachers use technology.

What is Instructional Technology?

People believe that instructional technology is a relatively new term. What I have learned in my instructional technology master’s program is quite the opposite. The term has been linked the discussion as far as back as the early 1900s, when students were given tablets to take notes on with chalk. More recently, it has been linked to ways of distributing information in forms other than just textbooks. The US Department of Education has an office dedicated solely to development of technology in education.

Degree Outcomes

A recipient of the instructional technology master’s degree will have a multitude of job opportunities. With the advancement of technology in the world, essentially making every location a global location, school districts are placing an emphasis on technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for instructional coordinators is growing at 6% annually. The career opportunities include jobs such as chief learning officer, eLearning developer, instructional technologist, training director and technology integration specialist.

How Does This Degree Prepare You to Be A Better Educator?

When you complete your master’s in instructional technology, you will have taken the steps to become an innovator; not only in your classroom, but on your campus and in your district. You will have demonstrated your desire and your ability to advance your skills in an effort to better meet the needs of your students. Children of today and tomorrow will have grown up with the internet and technological skills that children of the past didn’t have. By completing a master’s degree in instructional technology, you will be able to meet the demanding needs of a future based in technology. You will be a leader in your educational community and you will have the skill set to mentor other educators in meeting these needs.

The Importance of Technology in the Classroom

As part of the master’s program I am currently enrolled in, we have textbooks that we utilize. Even within those textbooks, the student will find links to videos that demonstrate and clarify the material even more. The students of today and tomorrow can go beyond the books. They can be immersed in a world that is bright and colorful and full of sound. Our students can reach out to us and other students via technology in ways that were not available just 30 years ago. Our students can email us or video chat with us when they are experiencing difficulty with a problem. A student on the other side of the world can take a class without setting foot inside a brick-and-mortar building.

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