Ten Skills of a Successful Teacher in the Classroom

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Some teachers are unforgettable for all of the right reasons. They seem to have a natural understanding of how to make learning experiences engaging and enriching for even the most difficult students. While no one can give you a formula for good teaching, there are several skills of a successful teacher that almost anyone can master with practice. An effective classroom teacher should have these skills:

1. Excellent Organization Skills

First and foremost, an effective educator must be a good organizer and able to keep students well-organized as well. Young children are just developing many crucial executive functioning skills, and many of them learn by example.

Before you set foot in a classroom, have a clear organization strategy for problems such as collecting and grading papers, dealing with absent student work and keeping the classroom clean after projects, among other things. Not being able to anticipate problems related to classroom organization can cost you.

2. Good Rapport

Successful classroom teachers have good rapport with students, parents and co-workers. They communicate problems to students quickly and effectively, keep parents updated on their children’s successes and development, and know how to get along effectively and share knowledge with co-workers and superiors.

3. Strong Work Ethic

The most successful people in any profession, not just teaching, have a strong work ethic above all. For success as a teacher, this is a must. Teaching takes a lot of discipline and hard work, especially during the first few years. Teachers must work constantly to improve themselves and their teaching methods.

4. Insatiable Curiosity

Good teachers are lifelong learners who keep up with the latest education news and continuously work to update their strategies to keep their students’ learning relevant. They are always willing to learn and improve themselves for the sake of their students.

5. Superb Classroom Management

Successful teachers are the ones so in tune with what’s going on in their classroom that it seems like they have eyes in the back of their heads. No student moves without these teachers noticing, and the whole classroom functions like a finely tuned watch or a well-oiled machine.

6. Excellent Discipline Skills

Fair, firm, and consistent. That is what discipline looks like in the classroom of a successful teacher. Discipline goes hand in hand with classroom management and organization. You need all three to run an orderly classroom. Good discipline comes with good classroom management; you can’t have one without the other.

7. Time for Parents

Communicating with parents and coaches is vital to success as a teacher. For instance, you should keep records of student achievement and areas for improvement so that you can easily communicate student performance and needs to parents.

8. Good Communication Skills

Excellent teachers have above-average communication skills. For example, teaching is a skill that requires a lot of empathy. The best teachers are the ones who know how to put themselves in their students’ shoes.

9. High Expectations

Teachers who are respected are teachers who have high expectations of their students and are always pushing them to do more than they think they can do while providing the tools to help them be successful.

10. Expert Subject Matter Knowledge

Finally, a successful teacher knows their subject matter extremely well. It’s not the most important trait of a great teacher, however, subject matter knowledge is needed in order to successfully explain important concepts and lessons to students.

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