How Technology in the Classroom Can Increase Parent-Teacher Communications

Michelle Bouslog
Michelle Bouslog
EdTech Teacher; M.A.Ed. in EdTech, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN
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Parent-teacher communication is a necessary part of education. It keeps parents in the know and bridges the gap between home and school. With good communication, teachers have a clearer picture of what is happening outside the school walls and are then able to make more informed educational decisions in the classroom. Likewise, parents have a window into their child’s days, can monitor their child’s academic progress, and are able to stay informed about upcoming school events.

Educational technology is playing a large role in parent-teacher communication. Here are a few apps that are easy for both teachers and parents to use for instant, regular, communication that helps keep everyone informed on student progress.


Remind is a private mobile messaging platform that allows teachers to text message directly to parents’ mobile devices. Teachers have the option of sending a one-way message directly to a parent or to the entire class. Teachers are able to start conversations with parents and then disable replies once the conversation is over. This app is straightforward, easy to navigate, and allows teachers to quickly get messages and reminders out to parents.

Class Dojo

Another piece of educational technology that is helping with parent-teacher communication is Class Dojo. Class Dojo has many unique features for parents, teachers, and even students. Once parents download the app, teachers are able to send messages directly to the user. Teachers can also send whole-class messages or post pictures to the class story page. It has an interface much like Facebook, where parents can like posts or leave comments.

Along with these features, Class Dojo also monitors student progress. Each student has their own avatar, and teachers can give and take away points for things like behavior or homework. Parents stay in the know, as they receive notifications when points are awarded or deducted. Teachers find the data helpful and a useful talking point for conferences.

Along with these features, Class Dojo allows students to have a voice, as they are able to post pictures or write journal entries that both the parent and the teacher can view. Class Dojo seems to be continuously evolving and finding more ways to connect parents to the classroom.


For another comprehensive parent-teacher communication tool, Seesaw has something for just about everyone. Teachers are able to send and receive messages to and from parents. Teachers can post reminders or flyers like weekly newsletters or upcoming field trips. One unique feature of Seesaw is that it has an extensive library of assignments that teachers can search for or create on their own and assign to students. Once completed, the teacher is able to accept student work where it then becomes viewable to the parents. Parents can comment or like the posted activity. Seesaw is a great way for teachers and parents to monitor student progress and see exactly the types of things students are working on each day in the classroom.

Parent-teacher communication is a necessary part of education. It builds strong relationships between parents and teachers, helps teachers stay connected to home, and helps parents keep up with school happenings and student progress. Educational technology apps such as Remind, Class Dojo, and Seesaw are allowing parents and teachers to stay connected more than ever before.

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