A leadership and administration degree is very empowering for educators to advance, grow as a professional, and develop across multiple areas.

Advantages of a Doctorate Degree for Educators

Why a Doctorate Degree?

You’ve finished your master’s degree in whatever subject focused in whatever content for whatever job, but you want more. You want something seemingly unattainable. You want to enter a new world, a new wonderland—you want your terminal degree.

You are not alone. People from all professions seek the next scene in their personal education book, but why? Why chase that bunny rabbit with the waistcoat and pocket watch? Do you become big enough to reach the key but too big to use the door? Or do you find yourself swimming in the deep end only to be saved by a mere mouse?

Our journeys to our terminal degrees are so different from one another. Still, they all revolve around the theme of self-improvement—growing up, finding a way to represent yourself and your beliefs further.

But one must remember, that an Ed.D. is not just for educators. In my time at Point Park University, I was privileged to meet many different people outside of education who were all pursuing the same degree. I met restaurateurs, heads of non-profits, religious leaders, theater people, and many more as we all chased down the same elusive hare, this time with a velvet tam.

That said, as an educator, mainly in the realm of secondary pedagogy, I saw it as a challenge, a goal. If I was going to have two master’s degrees, why would I limit myself there? I wanted the final challenge. I wanted “The Doctorate.” I wanted to become Dr. Nick.

We can talk about the career advancement and salary raises from the prologue until the end of the final chapter. Ultimately, what a doctoral program, the Ed.D. in Leadership and Administration from Point Park University, gave me is the intangibles.

What I Learned in an Ed.D. Program

First, there is the content knowledge. If you want to be a “total leader”, Point Park University’s Ed.D. program covers what it means to be a true leader to yourself. The motto of “who you are is how you lead” is not only present but a participating member in all discussions throughout the classes and dissertation process at Point Park.

This program offers insight that is internally reflective in terms of how you view your leadership and how it grows, and it is externally reflective in how others see you as a leader. The knowledge learned is the knowledge earned here.

What you put into the program is what you receive from the program, so working with the professors, all of whom have extensive experience, to build relationships and foster your own growth will enable you to maximize your learning in the Ed.D. program. While this was a leadership and administrative program, it also offered real-world situational examples and comparisons, making one’s day-to-day job tasks relatable and topical to the content covered.

Advantages of a Doctorate Degree

Part of building your content knowledge is also building your personal confidence. Expanding your knowledge base makes you more apt to interact confidently in different situations. As a Point Park University “total leader”, you can begin to foster relationships in your organization through your confidence in handling and managing of different experiences.

The knowledge that is earned from both the curriculum and the professors enables the Ed.D. student and future graduate to have the confidence that they are prepared for almost any situation in their journey as a leader. That said, if there is something known, a “total leader” is not afraid to reach out and ask. This program gives you the confidence to do so.

Lastly, the educational doctorate program at Point Park University offers you the ability to network. As a proud member of Point Park’s Ed.D. Cohort Eight, or “Coho Ocho” (as we called ourselves) it is invaluable that you form positive relationships with your cohort members. These will most likely be friends and confidants for the remainder of your career.

You will lean on them, laugh with them, probably cry with them, and definitely eat cookies with them in your time at Point Park, and these relationships will build your network greater than you can imagine.

Nearly four years from the onset of our program, we still have a text message thread that spans career advice, daily troubleshooting, random memes and gifs, and dissertation support, among many other topics. To say that the Ed.D. program offers you a network is probably an underserving of the program.

Whether you are coming to the Ed.D. degree program for knowledge, confidence, networking, or some combination of the three, you must remember that Point Park is offering you a chance to go down that rabbit hole, to learn about yourself, and to explore who you are as a person. Upon earning that doctorate in education, you will wake up from that dream and realize that it is a reality that you now have that terminal degree.

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