Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA

Reasons to Attend Point Park University

There are many great reasons why one should apply to Point Park University. The university has a strong mission statement that reads, “Point Park University provides innovative undergraduate and graduate education in a dynamic urban setting. Dedicated to academic excellence and community engagement, we prepare students of diverse backgrounds with the knowledge, skill, and experience to lead meaningful lives as informed citizens and successful professionals.”

My takeaway from the mission statement is that Point Park serves a diverse population of students while driving them to reach their fullest potentials, academically and socially. Point Park provides students with a knowledge base to enter the workforce confidently and securely with skills to lead to success. Since I was able to closely connect to the university’s mission statement, I was confident that Point Park was the right choice for me for my graduate studies. There are also more reasons why Point Park is a great fit such as being sensitive to diversity, providing real-world, career-focused education, and offering knowledgeable staff, reduced tuition rates, flexible formats, and small class sizes.

Highly Applicable Programs

Additionally, I saw that Point Park offered more “generalized” programming that other universities I was contemplating attending. I knew I did not want to specialize or go into graduate programs that were strictly within the classroom, for example, special education or a reading specialist program. I believe that the curriculum and instruction degree is broader and can be more applicable outside of the classroom. I hope to one day even begin a “side-hustle” with an online position with curriculum writing and coaching. I enjoy helping others. I think my graduate degree will afford me the opportunity to continue with searching for an additional source of income which I will find enjoyable.


Point Park cares about diversity. Part of their diversity statement reads “As an institution of higher education, Point Park University recognizes its responsibility to create and maintain an environment that affirms the diversity of people and ideas. Point Park University embraces, supports and actively pursues a policy of inclusiveness that recognizes, values and reflects the diversity of the community we serve and the world in which we live. To thrive as an academic institution, we believe we must foster a learning and working environment that encourages multiple perspectives and the open exchange of ideas in an unbiased and non-prejudicial way. Our commitment to diversity will make Point Park a welcoming place providing students, faculty, and staff with many opportunities to learn from each other.”

Being aware of diversity and working to serve diverse backgrounds and perspectives is something many people look to be a part of. I think it is important that everyone feels included and valued. I was drawn to the University’s diversity statement and felt that I connected with it and made me think in a more inclusive manner.

Real-World, Career-Focused Education

Point Park is known for providing a real-world, career-focused education. Students can only learn so much from lectures, presentations, books, and more. They need real world exposure and experiences to learn from and reflect on. They need to be active learners. They need exposure to higher-level learning experiences as well, and these are provided through Point Park’s programs. When students enter the professional world, they need to be equipped with a skillset to set them up for success.

Flexible Format with Experienced Faculty

Point Park offers flexible formatting available online with knowledgeable faculty. If you have young children, busy schedules, and other various obligations, Point Park is sure to accommodate the situation with programs offered fully online. The typical person may think online programming means less relationships and less meaningful interaction, but it is not the case with what Point Park offers, especially with their staff.

With the online programming for the curriculum and instruction master’s degree, the convenience of online learning certainly worked in my favor. All professors were helpful and experienced in their area of expertise. If I had a question or concern, they made themselves readily available to answer and based on my schedule. Most professors went above and beyond to create meaningful relationships even though everything was online. That was another aspect that stood out in the long run.

Reduced Tuition Rate

Point Park offers reduced tuition rates. There is whole list that can be found online which provides reduced tuition rates from many businesses and organizations. Therefore, it provides working professionals an easier route to a solidified plan if they are concerned about finances.

Small Class Sizes

Finally, Point Park offers small class sizes, which create a more personalized environment. Smaller class sizes make the experience more personal because you can more closely interact with classmates and professors. In a larger setting, there is less likely of a chance to receive more individualized attention. I also think a smaller class size provides more opportunities to speak with professors one on one. I had the chance to do so many times during my time at Point Park. I truly felt closer and more connected to my professors through my experience.

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