High school student working on a laptop with a teacher pointing at the screen.

All About Point Park University’s M.Ed. with Secondary Certification Program

What does Point Park University’s Master of Education program with certification in grades seven through 12 encompass?

The M.Ed. in secondary education program is 42 credits and is intended for individuals with a solid knowledge base in their field from a previous undergraduate and/or master’s program and requires a strong background in teaching skills that are necessary to reach the secondary students of today.

The M.Ed. program offers a full online cohort model, and Point Park University’s online programs are very popular among students. Students are afforded the convenience to complete the program in a way that best accommodates busy schedules. Students will also benefit from having access to the experienced and knowledgeable faculty of Point Park University’s School of Education.

Point Park University offers a multitude of courses throughout the program that cover secondary instructional methods—including methodology for teaching English Language Learners—differentiated instruction practices, technological application, and assessment strategies and data-driven instruction. You’ll also be equipped to meet the behavioral and emotional needs of students through courses focused on special education, culturally responsive teaching and schools, positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), and human behavior and classroom management.

This program closes with a semester-long student teaching experience and student teaching seminar class that allows students to reflect on and analyze their experiences and prepares them for full-time teaching positions. Students will also benefit from state-of-the-art resources and choice in student teaching placements, better preparing them to teach nearly anywhere.

What differentiates Point Park’s secondary education grad program from other schools that offer a similar program?

There are many things that differentiate Point Park’s secondary education program from similar programs. First, our faculty includes educators that have worked in a variety of areas and K-12 schools, allowing them to bring practical experience into their instruction and show what is required to be successful teacher. Multiple faculty members have also worked in educational settings that present unique challenges, such as those found in urban education.

This program offers a cohort model in which students will, as a group, progress through the program. They will take two courses per term, one every eight weeks. Structuring the program in this way provides students the ability to focus on individual courses at a time, but allows them to move quickly while still being challenged. Point Park’s class sizes are also generally smaller than most classes at other universities; we’ve strived to limit our online classes to a maximum of 15 students per cohort group.

One of the biggest differentiators of our program is that we are looking for individuals who have already obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in specific content areas. We request that our students take their content area Praxis exams, preferably before they begin the program or shortly thereafter.

With students that have already acquired the important content knowledge in areas such as biology, social studies, mathematics, English, or citizenship, we aim to provide key teaching skills. Our goal is to prepare our M.Ed. secondary education graduates to be successful academically and socially with career-applicable skills.

What career opportunities are available to students who graduate from the program?

Upon competition of this program, graduates will be certified to teach students in grades seven through 12 in Pennsylvania. They will also be given the chance to test into other teaching areas, therefore increasing their career opportunities. This program will also open up doors into other education-related positions and professions.