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All About Point Park University’s M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching

Point Park University’s M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching is a comprehensive degree program focusing on the principles of coaching, integrity, leadership, communication and the process of effective coaching. The program also addresses the professional roles that are expected of coaches and the organizational influences of coaching. The M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching program is based on the National Standards for Sports Coaches, which identify the scientific and practical competencies that administrators, athletes, and the public should expect of sport coaches at various levels of experience. The 37 standards, grouped into eight domains, provide direction for coaching educators, sport administrators, coaches and athletes regarding the skills and knowledge that coaches should possess. Each course addresses one or more of the eight domains of coaching:

  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Safety and Prevention
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Growth and Development
  • Teaching and Communication
  • Sports Skills and Tactics
  • Organization and Administration
  • Evaluation

What Differentiates Point Park University M. Ed. In Athletic Coaching from Other Schools that Offer a Similar Degree?

Point Park University’s M. Ed. in Athletic Coaching is a 30-credit graduate school program comprised of 10 unique courses. It is offered in a fully online format, and can be completed in five semesters or 1.5 years. The courses are delivered over an eight-week time period, which allows for students to focus on one course at a time.

Point Park University’s M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching program follows a cohort graduate school model, which allows for students to collaborate and learn from one another on a comprehensive level. Each course is divided into eight modules, which include online discussion boards, learning resources and learning activities.

The faculty teaching in this program come from diverse backgrounds in coaching and athletics. Each course instructor utilizes adult instructional methods to optimize student learning. Assignments include opportunities to apply knowledge to real-world situations.

The capstone course in the M. Ed. in Athletic Coaching program is a practicum course. This course serves to blend the theory examined in the coursework throughout the program to the practical application of coaching. This practicum is designed to give the student experience to foster professional development under the supervision of an approved mentor. In addition to working closely with a mentor/coach, each student develops a portfolio designed to demonstrate competencies across the National Standards for Sports Coaches. The portfolio can be used a resource for future professional opportunities.

What Career Opportunities are Available to Students Who Graduate from the Program?

The graduates from the M. Ed. in Athletic Coaching from Point Park University will have the opportunity to further their career in coaching and athletics. Students in this program seek careers in K-12 coaching, university coaching, recreational coaching and administration, athletic administration, and athletic organization positions. Obtaining a degree in athletic coaching allows individuals with a passion for sports and coaching to formally develop the skills and expertise needed for a successful career in the field.