Point Park University campus signs

Why I Loved Getting My Master’s from Point Park University

I knew that I was ready for challenge. I had recently settled into my new job, but I was looking for ways to improve myself and benefit my organization. I had always been a lifelong learner, and I was ready to become a student once again. Receiving my master’s degree had always been one of my goals and the timing was right. I thought that finding a program that would enable me to balance my career and busy family, while allowing me to be successful, would be impossible. But then I discovered the programs at Point Park University.

Point Park’s online programs provided the flexibility that is necessary for my life. My days are spent being a special education director, and my evenings are often devoted to attending various school meetings and activities, as well as running my daughters to practices or attending their events. With Point Park’s programs, I was not locked into a specific day or time that I needed to be in classes. While each of the courses had deadlines, I was able to watch videos and work on assignments during the times that worked best for me and my family.  I did not have to miss a game or meeting because I had to attend a physical class. I could even adjust my workload to match the constraints of my schedule. If I knew that my home schedule was going to be hectic, I could work ahead in my classes to ensure that my deadlines were being met. In addition, there was flexibility in where I completed my work. Some assignments were completed in my home office in the evening, while other assignments may have been completed while I was on the road for a conference or even on my back back porch on a sunny afternoon. Ultimately, I was in charge of how my learning was taking place.

Other exceptional qualities of Point Park’s programs are their faculty and staff. Initially, I was worried that I would not be able to make connections with my professors because of the lack of face-to-face contact. I could not have been more wrong. All of my professors were very responsive to any of my questions. They responded quickly to email or posts on the discussion boards. In addition, many of them offered consultation or further discussion through phone conversations. They always made time to ensure that my questions were thoroughly answered. They made me feel that I was a valued student and that my concerns were important. Beyond the classroom, my advisers were excellent. When questions arose regarding the scheduling classes, they provided prompt and helpful responses. They worked with me to find the solutions to any of my issues. Everyone that I dealt with a Point Park, from registration to graduation application, were helpful and a pleasure to work with.

My Point Park master’s program gave me the challenge and the new knowledge that I was seeking. I knew that starting any program would mean hard work and ultimately some difficulty. However, the program’s flexibility, as well as the high quality faculty and staff, made this a wonderful learning journey.