Master of Science

Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages


Online 33 credits * 2 years
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Program Highlights & Benefits

Flexible, online format

Two year completion time, including holiday breaks

No GRE required

Flexible practicum schedule


Experienced teachers who wish to earn a Master’s Degree and TESOL PK-12 Initial Certification. 12 credits of foreign/modern language must be completed prior to completing the master’s program; students should have a minimum of 3-6 credits prior to enrollment. Candidates in possession of an Initial Childhood or Adolescent Education certification in a content area will be able to apply for professional certification with this degree through the NYSED Teach Online system.

What You Learn

The TESOL (PK-12) Initial Professional Certification MS program will focus on evidence-based contemporary pedagogy and current research that informs, authentic classroom practices to support teachers working with culturally and linguistically diverse multilingual learners throughout the United States. Coursework incorporates a multimodal design infused with technology to support equity and inclusion in diverse learning environments. You will learn from faculty members who are highly-skilled classroom practitioners, international known researchers, and best-selling authors.   

How You Learn

All courses are offered in an asynchronous online format.

Career Outcomes

Candidates with this degree and certification will be able to teach English to speakers of other languages in grades PreK-12 in New York State.

Degree Requirements

EDU 5006Apprentice Field Experience in TESOL Inclusive Classroom (20 Hours, 20 Hours, 4 Seminars)0
EDU 5010E-Portfolio0
EDU 5130Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students in Inclusive Classrooms in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-123
EDU 5140Teaching English as a New Language (ENL)3
EDU 5230Instructional Applications of the Internet- Integrating Digital Age Tools into Instruction, Classroom Management, Communication, Collaboration3
EDUC 5240Diverse Abilities and Needs of Students in Inclusive Classrooms Birth Grade-2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-123
EDU 5252Introduction to Linguistics for TESOL and Bilingual Professionals3
EDU 5254Structure and Application of American English3
EDU 5255Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods and English Language Arts for PK-12 Bilingual and English Language Learners3
EDU 5256PK-12 Bilingual and TESOL Teaching Practices and Assessment in the Content Areas3
EDU 5484Pre-Student Teaching TESOL PK-12 Field Experiences in Inclusive Classrooms (30 Hrs, 4 Seminars)0
EDU 5502TESOL Student Teaching Seminar PK-120
EDU 5611TESOL Practicum3
EDU 5643Thesis and Capstone Proposal Development for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3
EDU 5653Theses and Capstone Project for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3
 Total Credit Hours:33