Ways to prepare for grad school


Young man sitting at a table taking notes with a book and laptop on the table.
Ways to prepare for grad school

How to Prep for Your Graduate Online Classes

Taking online graduate courses is very different from taking face-to face graduate courses. They come with different sets of expectations and use different sets of

Tired college student sleeping at a desk with books and notes.
Ways to prepare for grad school

How to Combat Grad Student Burnout

What is Student Burnout? Assignments, readings, essays, group projects, deadlines. In a blink of an eye, a semester can become completely overwhelming for graduate students.

Young woman pondering while sitting at a desk in front of a white board.
Ways to prepare for grad school

Should I Go to Grad School During COVID-19?

An evolution in the educational world has begun due to COVID-19, and numerous questions will spring up as new teachers evaluate varying pathways toward individual

Graduation cap on top of a stack of books in a sunny hallway.
Ways to prepare for grad school

How Higher Education is Changing this Fall

Education across the world is changing drastically with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every part of our daily lives. Pre-school children to Ph.D. candidates are going

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