Ways to prepare for grad school


A close-up of a person’s hands as they research on a computer and write in a notebook.
Ways to prepare for grad school

How Google Has Changed Academic Research

The Rise of Using Technology for Academic Research For decades, academic research has involved the use of books, encyclopedias, old periodicals, and primary sources. Specific

A closed blue book sits on a table with “dissertation” printed on the front cover.
Ways to prepare for grad school

Brainstorming Dissertation Topics in Education

Educators find ways to provide students with learning and growth on a daily basis. Professional development for educators is essential to develop high-quality leaders in

A piggy bank sit in from of a chalkboard; colorful letters read “grant” on top of a stack of books.
Ways to prepare for grad school

How to Write a Grant Proposal

Educators are always coming up with projects and programs to fit the needs of their students best and to fill gaps in many areas of

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