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A stack of books and a laptop sit on a library desk between a graduation cap and diploma.
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Ph.D. vs. Ed.D. for Educators

Whether an educator is enrolled in a degree program or just going to work every day, they are always learning new skills to improve their

Two education professionals sit and have a discussion together.
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Educational Leadership Degree: Ed.S. vs. Ed.D.

What is Educational Leadership? Educational leadership resides in persons who have relationship skills coupled with training and life experiences that can leverage positive energy to

‘Education Policy’ written on paper next to a pen.
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How to Impact Education Policy

What is Education Policy and Who Makes It? Every public school district has a policy manual—online in today’s world. A policy manual is a set

Doctoral graduate gown in front of a large curtain.
Doctoral resources

What to Expect from Ed.D. Programs

What is a Doctorate Degree? Generally speaking, a doctorate degree is the terminal level of education pursued by those in the field of education. The