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Apps Every School Principal Should Have

In today’s digital age, technology has become an essential tool for administrators to communicate, organize, and manage their schools. With the vast array of applications

A computer sits on a work desk, showing email notifications.
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The Power of Email As a School Leader

Through the course of human history, different tools have come along and changed the world. At one point the spoon was a major technology advancement,

Yellow cubes spell out “school principal.” Colorful pencils and felt pens surround the cubes.
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How the Pandemic Has Changed Principal Jobs

Because education is constantly evolving, it is also true that administrative and principal jobs are also evolving. New mandates, school code and policy changes, and

Workers all fist bump, representing teamwork.
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Building Staff Leadership in Your School

Building capacity in the school building is crucial for sustainability, staff morale, and promoting the goals and visions of the school building. School leadership is about effective

A graduation cap lays next to a physical copy of a thesis paper.
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What is a Thesis Defense?

There are many benefits of completing a master’s degree program, including increased salary and career advancements, so it’s no surprise that millions of Americans apply

An English teacher writes on the chalkboard in class.
Masters/Doctoral Resources

Best Graduate Programs for English Teachers

How is a Graduate Degree Beneficial for English Teachers? Outsiders to the education profession need to be made aware that English teachers and reading teachers

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