A science teacher sits at her desk, making a lesson plan.
Professional development

All About Understanding by Design

Many districts now use the “understanding by design” process to create curricula. Curriculum design creates an overall blueprint for a class which generally includes a pacing

An apple and pencil holder sit on a teacher’s desk with “Have a great summer!” written on the chalkboard.
Professional development

Summer School for Teachers

Summer is the time to relax and recharge for most people, but for teachers, it’s also a time to take advantage of professional development opportunities.

A young student practices flashcards with their teacher.
Professional development

How to Use Retrieval Practice Effectively

What is Retrieval Practice? The retrieval practice is a method that helps students retain information. Particularly, it assists students in processing and pulling out knowledge

Student filling out answers to answer sheet with a purple pencil.
Professional development

How Assessment Should Drive Instruction

No matter the level they teach, educators are always concerned with the content their students are learning. Strategies and standards are essential in the learning

‘Least restrictive environment’ is written on a clipboard and sits on a desk next to a pair of glasses and books.
Professional development

What is Least Restrictive Environment?

When referencing the “least restrictive environment”, it sounds like a place. It is not one place; instead, it is a philosophy schools must use according

A young teacher stands at the front of class while students raise their hands.
Professional development

Challenges of a First-Year Teacher

Typical Challenges of a First-Year Teacher It’s the first day of school, filled with anticipation, hope, and even a touch of anxiety. After spending years

ESL written in white chalk on a black chalkboard.
Professional development

ESL Resources for New Teachers

Typical Challenges for New Teachers All new jobs are stressful in the beginning. However, nothing entirely prepares someone for their first job as a teacher.