A math teacher points to a student who is raising their hand to answer a question.
Professional development

A Guide to Effective Teaching Styles

Every teacher has a style in their approach to teaching. The main objective guiding a teacher toward the best teaching style is the potential effectiveness

A group of happy student high five in their classroom.
Professional development

How to Create a Safe Learning Environment

When I began in education twenty-one years ago, safety had a whole different meaning.  You could still count school shootings on the one hand, and getting

“Project-based learning” is written on a chalkboard.
Professional development

What is Project-Based Learning?

Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned veteran, there’s a pretty good chance that you have heard of “Project-Based Learning” (PBL). Much like STEM

A teacher grades an essay, marking it with an “A” grade.
Professional development

Using Rubrics to Promote Deeper Learning

Over the past 25 years, rubrics have emerged as a field standard for educators within the realm of grading student assignments. Prior to the development

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