What You Can Do with a Sports Management Degree

George Wehrle
George Wehrle
M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching, Point Park University, Pennsylvania

If you enjoy sports but aren’t necessarily planning a career as a professional athlete, sports management just might be for you. The sports industry as a whole is a multi-billion dollar business, with opportunities growing at a substantial rate. A sports management degree can lead to rewarding work in numerous areas dealing with athletics, depending on your goals, training and passions.

The coursework required to complete a degree in sports management is varied, and can often be tailored to suit your specific areas of interest. Classes will provide training on topics such as recruiting, dealing with the media, sports medicine and injury prevention, marketing your program, and successful coaching strategies, to name a few.

Career Opportunities

Becoming a respected professional in the field of coaching often requires years of experience, but the content offered in a sports management degree will provide a strong foundation to help prepare even an entry-level coach. Coaches need to be capable recruiters, financial managers and psychologists, as well as be proficient in the ways of print and social media.  Coaches must of course know the strategies and concepts of their particular sport, but promotion and marketing are also essential skills for a successful coach. Regardless of your ultimate goals as a coach, a degree in sports management can help get you started with confidence.

Concepts and Skills Learned in a Sports Management Program

Individuals interested in working as athletic directors for high schools and colleges need to understand concepts related to budgets, scheduling, facility management and supervision of coaches, and having good organizational skills and the ability to communicate effectively are essential. Sports management degrees offer coursework in all these areas, and often provide the opportunity to complete an internship that would allow an individual to experience working in their actual field of interest.

Another possible avenue to pursue with a sports management degree is becoming a sports agent. The coursework in areas such as marketing, business, accounting, finance, communication and aspects dealing with the legalities in sports would help prepare the individual for duties typically required of a sports agent.

An degree in sports management is just the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career in the sports industry. Motivated individuals will learn broad-based skills that translate well to any number of potential jobs within the vast world of sports. Understanding basic concepts of various sports from both the administrative and the coaching perspective will better prepare you for a more specific area of focus that suits your talents and interests.

A career in the sports management industry promises numerous opportunities to thrive, regardless of the setting and the particular discipline you choose to pursue. The skills you learn while earning a sports management degree will provide a valuable foundation, regardless of whether you want to be a coach, administrator, sports agent, or any of the other countless careers within the broad and exciting sports arena.

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