How to Create a Teacher Resume

Janelle Cox
Janelle Cox
M.S. in Education
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Creating the perfect teacher resume is an undertaking. It takes time, patience, and a little bit of skill. To attract the best job opportunities, you must know how to create the best resume that will stand out above all the rest. Follow these tips for creating a resume for teachers to ensure you land the teaching job of your dreams.

Showcase Your Experience

Your experience working with students is a significant part of your teaching resume. It is essential that you only include experience that is relevant to the position that you are applying. This section must include your experience and achievements that demonstrate your specific skillset working with students. Remember, this section is the heart of your resume and where employers will learn if you have the experience it takes to land the job. Here, list any other experience you have, such as educational organizations you belong to, places you have volunteered your time, or posts you have had abroad, online or one-on-one with students.

Tailor Your Resume to Suit Each School District

When developing your teaching resume, do not create one for the masses; rather, be specific and tailor your resume to suit each school district to which you are applying. Often candidates think that tailoring their cover letter will be sufficient enough, but when you also tailor your resume, you will have a more significant impact and a leg up on the competition.

Take the time to research each school district and position that you are applying for to ensure that your resume will reflect the knowledge that you have learned. Use your investigative skills to become an expert on each potential school district. By taking the time, you are showing each potential employer that you are committed to getting a job in their school district.

Be Unique So You Will Stand Out

Employers are looking for potential candidates that stand out above the rest and capture their attention. One way to help you stand out is to showcase your creativity. Create an attention-grabbing teacher resume that is unique and different than the traditional resumes employers are used to reading. Websites like Venngage and Zety take resume building to another level by allowing users to create an infographic – a visual that uses charts, icons, and other design elements to highlight an individual’s experience.

It’s essential to think of your resume like a marketing tool; it’s a document that showcases your skills and expertise, and advertises you in the best way possible to attract an employer. When you have a strong resume, it will get you that much closer to landing the teaching job of your dreams.

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