How Teachers Can Increase Their Salaries

Graduate Program
Graduate Program

Here are five terrific ways teachers can earn a salary increase.

1. Pursue Professional Development Programs

Many school districts offer teachers opportunities to pursue professional development programs. Districts will often offer salary increments to teachers who participate in these types of programs as they build their skills.

These programs can include workshops offered by regional service agencies, state education agencies, or private sponsors.

2. Teach a Higher Grade Level

National salary averages show that teachers who teach middle and high school level classes tend to earn higher annual salaries than their elementary school counterparts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median teacher salaries are as follows:

Teachers who are open to gaining certifications in teaching different age groups will likely increase their job and salary opportunities.

3. Earn a Graduate Degree

A master’s degree widely opens up professional opportunities for teachers. If an educator decides to stay in the public school classroom, they can expect to see a salary increase of several thousand dollars per year.

Or, if they move into other types of education jobs such as an Administrator, Lead Teacher, or Department Chair, they can find various positions that pay higher salaries.

4. Move into an Administration Job

Experienced teachers often move into administrative positions and see a nice salary bump. To qualify, teachers can pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in educational leadership. Positions in the administrative realm of education include principals, assistant principals, superintendents, education coordinators, guidance counselors, and other educational leadership jobs.

Or, if you are looking to move out of the public school system to try something new, professional opportunities related to education include college administration, academic advisers, or admissions or registrar positions, among others.

5. Become an adjunct professor

Teachers who love their day jobs but want to earn more can pursue a master’s degree and then teach classes at a university or at their local community college in the evenings, on weekends or during summer breaks. The beauty in today’s college environments is instructors can teach on-campus or online, providing a high level of flexibility while pursuing a higher paycheck.

Taking on a secondary job as an adjunct professor affords teachers the ability to continue to teach children while increasing their salaries during their free time.

If you want to earn more money, there are some options available to you. Many of these involve getting a master’s degree. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of going back to school, there are many online degree programs you can pursue while you continue to work full-time at your school.

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