How Teachers Can Advance Their Career with a Doctorate in Education

Misty Hance
Misty Hance
Assistant Elementary School Principal; Ed.D. in School Leadership, Carson-Newman University, TN

If you are considering going back for your doctorate in education, you may also be wondering how that degree could help advance your career. First of all, you will probably receive a pay increase for degree advancement. Depending upon which degree you currently hold and your district’s policy, this could be a substantial raise, which will also impact your retirement pay. However, you may be wondering what other jobs will open up due to your doctorate in education.

Additional Job Opportunities

A doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction leadership can lead to a variety of district-level opportunities. With this degree, you will expand your abilities to analyze theory and develop research skills for enhancing instructional strategies. You will also develop skills for conducting original research and evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum. There is also focused learning on the development of leadership skills, which will give you the knowledge necessary for becoming a learning leader. This is a fantastic degree if you are intending to continue your teaching career, but want the added security that comes with improving your effectiveness. Likewise, this would be a very beneficial course of study if you are interested in becoming an instructional coach or working at a district level in curriculum development. Perhaps your desire is to work for a curriculum development company. This degree could open the door to larger corporations or program facilities employment.

In special education studies and for reading specialists, additional emphasis to this degree can be obtained. A higher degree in special education provides extensive knowledge in both modified and comprehensive special education. It focuses on classroom management, law, and improving and reaching individual goals. This degree can help you become a leader in special education at the school or district level. A reading specialist can work within a school, or at the district level. They gain extensive knowledge on literacy, reading and writing instruction, interventions, and data analysis for determining specific needs.

Leadership Positions

There is also a degree for those seeking higher leadership opportunities. A doctorate degree in Educational Leadership provides law and management knowledge; with that candidates can pursue their desire to become a school-level administrator or move up into a district position. Just like the Curriculum and Instruction Leadership degree, candidates will also gain insight into research and data analysis. In addition, candidates will develop their own leadership philosophy and style, and learn to build on that to develop effective instructional leaders within their school.

Whether you intend to gain more knowledge in curriculum or administration, an advanced degree can open the door to many leadership opportunities. Don’t let the thought of a dissertation interfere with the benefits that a doctorate degree will provide. Your professors will be there to answer questions and guide you through. The degree will be there for the rest of your career; the information you gain through research and course work is invaluable for a teacher who truly desires to be the most effective educator possible.

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