Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Special Education Leadership

Hybrid or 100% Online 36 major credits * 2 years

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Experienced educators with at least two years teaching experience who are interested in becoming an administrator in a K-12 school or district.

What You Learn

The program is designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practical experience for assuming a leadership role within special education in a variety of administrative positions in the public schools.

How You Learn

Face-to-Face: This is a cohort program. Students will take one course at a time, attending class one night a week from 5:00 to 8:00, with three (3) hours of additional online work every week. Every semester, students will complete two seven (7) week courses. Students will only meet three times a semester for a face-to-face meeting with the course professor. The bulk of the work is done on the student’s campus and in independent work. During Summer Session, students will attend two different night classes. Summer Session begins the last week in May and continues until the first week in July. Summer Session hours run from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Online: This is an online cohort program. Students will check in online to complete assignments and participate in online discussions and group activities. While there are no face-to-face requirements, some live online sessions and/or conference call sessions may be required. Students will finish two courses every 15 weeks.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the full program, students will earn a Master of Education degree in Special Education Leadership. Once 2 additional elective courses towards Principal Certification have been completed, students will be eligible to take the TExES Principal Exam for principal certification in the state of Texas. Principal certification is typically used for all administrative positions, from assistant principal to assistant superintendent in Texas K-12 schools. Students who already hold a Master’s degree have the option to complete Principal Certification as a second resource area on their transcripts.


You will have a two year service obligation for each of your two years of program participation. This service obligation will require you to be in a special education leadership role for four years following the completion of the program. If you are unable to secure a special education leadership position, you can meet this requirement in a non-leadership special education role.

Degree Plan

EDUC 5390
Educational Leadership- CTA
EDUC 5320
Exceptionality in Children and Youth
EDUC 5345
Evidence Practices for Students With Mild Disabilities- CTA
EDUC 5391
School Law
EDUC 5322
Evidence Practices for Students with Emotional Disorders- CTA
EDUC 6320
Research Seminar
EDUC 6330
Administrative Internship- Community & Special Programs
EDUC 6321
Research Seminar
EDUC 6331
Administrative Internship- Operation
EDUC 5331
Differentiating Instruction
EDUC 5315
Instructional Leadership- CTA
EDUC 6324
Universal Design for Learning
 Total Credit Hours:36

*Optional Elective Courses Towards Principal Certification Eligibility:

EDUC 5335
Multicultural Populations
EDUC 5314
Theories of Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 5392
The Principalship
Please Note:

This chart lists each of the courses that make up the M.Ed. degree, but it is not an official class schedule and is subject to change. *Students will have completed 12 of the 18 credit hours need towards Principal Certification eligibility. Students can take the 2 remaining courses with the University of St. Thomas.