Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Instructional Technology

Online 36 major credits * 2 years

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Program Highlights & Benefits

Earn a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology

Develop skills to serve districts as technology coach/mentor, coordinator, and leader

Able to innovate and evaluate the use of technology tools in teaching and learning

100% online format


Prospective and practicing educators and administrators wishing to enhance their technology skills and advance within their district to serve as technology coaches/mentors, technology coordinators, and technology leaders.

What You Learn

The program is geared towards those in education desiring to increase the innovative and leadership capacity needed to increase the effectiveness of educators in using technology. Graduates from this program will become innovators and mentors, leading the way to changing how technology is used so as to become a seamless part of the educational process. Our graduates will embrace instructional technology, innovate with technology, and anticipate roadblocks and challenges to effective use of technology within the state’s public schools and other organizations.

How You Learn

This program is an online cohort program. Students will check in online to complete assignments and participate in online discussions and group activities. While there are no face-to-face requirements, there may be some live online sessions and/or conference call sessions required. Students will complete two courses every semester.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will have earned a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology.


Candidates for this program are certified teachers and administrators. In some cases, those interested in corporate training would also benefit from this degree.

Degree Plan

Course Title Hours
EDUC6326 Educational Research and Scholarly Writing 3
EDUC6327 Educational Research Design and Data Analysis 3
EDUC6340 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
EDUC6341 Instructional Technology Methods 3
EDUC6342 Instructional Design of Learning 3
EDUC6343 Exploring Emerging Technologies 3
EDUC6344 Differentiation of Instruction with Technology 3
EDUC6345 Online and Blended Learning 3
EDUC6346 STEM-Learning 3
EDUC6347 Technology Assessment 3
EDUC6348 Technology Leadership 3
EDUC6349 Technology Management 3
Total Credit Hours: 36
Please Note:

The chart above lists each of the courses that make up the M.Ed. degree, but it is not an official class schedule and is subject to change.