Files folders together with one labeled ‘Mistake’.
Professional development

Students Learning through Mistakes

Nobody enjoys making mistakes. Whether you are playing chess, attempting a game winning free throw, making a critical medical decision, or answering questions on the

Professional development

Mindmapping for Learning

What is Mindmapping? Mind mapping is a really neat way to organize information, make connections, and understand new information. It is a more visual way

Advice from educators

Learning with Aphantasia

Many teachers hook students into a lesson by asking them to visualize a scene from a battle, a formula or equation, or even a list

‘Dyslexia’ spelled out in letters surrounded by other letters.
Advice from educators

How Dyslexia Affects Classroom Learning

Dylexia, a learning disorder that affects a person’s ability to associate letters and sounds, causes reading, writing, speaking, and spelling to be very difficult. While

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