A teacher grades an essay, marking it with an “A” grade.
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Using Rubrics to Promote Deeper Learning

Over the past 25 years, rubrics have emerged as a field standard for educators within the realm of grading student assignments. Prior to the development

A group of students happily high-five.
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Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Students

What is Intrinsic Motivation?  Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic Motivation The intrinsic motivation definition is doing something for inherent satisfaction rather than for a reward or to

A female teacher stands by a table of students, teaching a lesson.
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Learner-Centered Teaching: Why It Is So Essential

Learner-centered teaching places students at the forefront of the educational process. Commonly referenced as student-centered or student-led learning, teachers formulate instruction that integrates hands-on or

A schoolboy covers his face while having a serious conversation with his head teacher.
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Restorative Justice in Schools

You may have heard of a growing movement to steer away from traditional school discipline and move towards an alternative practice called restorative justice in

An adult student sits smiling on her laptop in her classroom.
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Advanced Education Options for Educators

Why Educator Advanced Education Matters: My Thoughts Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, my father was a strong proponent of rewriting the historical struggles for