‘Least restrictive environment’ is written on a clipboard and sits on a desk next to a pair of glasses and books.
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What is Least Restrictive Environment?

When referencing the “least restrictive environment”, it sounds like a place. It is not one place; instead, it is a philosophy schools must use according

A young teacher stands at the front of class while students raise their hands.
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Challenges of a First-Year Teacher

Typical Challenges of a First-Year Teacher It’s the first day of school, filled with anticipation, hope, and even a touch of anxiety. After spending years

ESL written in white chalk on a black chalkboard.
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ESL Resources for New Teachers

Typical Challenges for New Teachers All new jobs are stressful in the beginning. However, nothing entirely prepares someone for their first job as a teacher.

An older professional does work, looking at a piece of paper and working on a laptop.
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EdTech: Tools to Increase Productivity

Professional Development and Outside of the Classroom Teachers have so much on their plates these days! Classroom management, lesson plans, collaborating with others, participating in

A close-up shot of a young boy wearing a hearing aid while reading a book in a classroom.
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How to Best Help Students Hard of Hearing

Children with hearing loss can be affected at many different levels of significance. Some children may only experience a mild hearing loss while others may