A closed blue book sits on a table with “dissertation” printed on the front cover.
Ways to prepare for grad school

Brainstorming Dissertation Topics in Education

Educators find ways to provide students with learning and growth on a daily basis. Professional development for educators is essential to develop high-quality leaders in

A student plays piano while his music teacher helps him.
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How to Become a Music Teacher

A music teacher has the amazing responsibility of instilling excitement for music within their students. What Does a Music Teacher Do? Elementary For most music

Front view of students reading behind books while sitting in a corridor.
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The Science of Reading

Being able to read and comprehend text is so important. It impacts the way students receive all subject areas, not just information taught in reading

A wooden cut-out of a person stands on a laptop wearing a graduation cap.
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How Does Alternative Teacher Certification Work?

What is Alternative Teacher Certification? An alternative teacher certification provides individuals with a pathway to become certified to teach. It is specifically aimed toward allowing