A close-up of the “plagiarism” dictionary definition.
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Inspiring Your Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Why Plagiarism Needs to Be Seriously Discussed Early On “There’s nothing new under the sun” is a common phrase shared around academia.  Searching for dissertation

A group of middle school students stand together in a classroom.
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The Importance of Middle School

So often in education we focus on elementary and high school student categories, ranging from age-appropriate behaviors in their little personalities and curiosities to a

A young girl stretches in gym class while her teacher helps her form by supporting her back.
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Why Schools Should Revamp Gym Classes

With our ever-changing environment, schools are looking to revamp in many educational venues. From the classroom to extra-curricular activities adapting to students in ways that

A smiling younger teacher helps a student while an older teacher helps students in the back of the classroom.
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The Benefits of Co-Teaching

Co-teaching is an educational innovation that has been introduced previously. In fact, co-teaching has been around “officially” since the early 70s. Initially, co-teaching was used