Teacher instructing at the front of a classroom of students.

All About Point Park University’s B.A. Instructional Studies Program

What does the program encompass?

Our Bachelor of Arts in instructional studies degree, offered both on campus and fully online, serves as a valuable program for several different audiences including:

  • Prospective students who have a strong interest to pursue a formal K-12 state teaching certification at this time
  • Transfer students seeking a bachelor’s degree completion program that honors the maximum credits they have earned at previous institutions
  • Prospective or transfer student who want to earn a degree that allows the a variety of career options
  • Prospective or transfer students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree focused in education with goals to pursue a master’s degree with teaching certification at Point Park, entering the graduate program with 12 credits
  • Experienced, full-time working professionals who want to earn a bachelor’s degree by choosing coursework that best fulfills their career goals

What differentiates Point Park’s B.A. Instructional Studies program from similar programs offered at other universities or colleges?

A major differentiator of this program is that students have a lot of flexibility to transfer a large number of credits and earn a bachelor’s degree in one to three years.

What is distinct about the program is that students can transfer in up to 90 credits from a four-year college or university or 70 credits from a two-year institution, like a community college.

The B.A. instructional studies program also enables students who’ve invested time, money, and effort into their education to graduate efficiently with a bachelor’s degree. In addition, if our instructional studies students choose to pursue one of our School of Education teacher certification master’s degree programs, the can roll 12 credits into that graduate program.

Students in this program also have the option to tailor this degree program to their interests through a variety of classes they can take through Point Park.

B.A. Instructional Studies program course options include:

  • Adolescent Development
  • Assessment and Adaptation
  • Building Family Partnerships
  • Educational Psychology
  • Electives of your choice
  • Family and Community Diversity
  • History elective
  • Intro to Teaching Profession
  • Mathematics elective
  • Political Science elective
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Support
  • Special Education and Inclusive Practices

What career opportunities are available to students who graduate from the program?

There are a variety of career opportunities available with a B.A. in instructional studies from Point Park University. Career options include but are not limited to:

  • Paraprofessional in a public school
  • Opening up a daycare center
  • Working in financial services
  • Educational assistant
  • Teacher’s aide at a school for children with special needs
  • Director of a learning center

Why should a prospective student choose Point Park University to pursue their degree?

We offer a lot of flexibility to our students. They can pursue this degree fully online or take their classes on campus in Downtown Pittsburgh and be immersed in a world-class city with leading education, business, and technology organizations surrounding them.

Our courses are taught by faculty with real-world professional work experience who bring that into the classes they teacher. Our School of Education faculty has an average of 30 years of classroom and administrative experience in a wide range of educational environments.

What also makes Point Park University stand out is we recognize our responsibility to create and maintain an educational environment that affirms the diversity of all people and ideas. We embrace, support, and actively pursue policies of inclusiveness that recognize, value, and reflect the diversity of the community we serve and the world in which we live.