Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) in

Educational Administration

Online 33 major credits * 2.5 years

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How to Pay
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Program Highlights & Benefits

100% Online Program

2.5 year completion time, including holiday breaks

No GRE or admission tests

No weekend classes


Experienced educational leaders who wish to become a K-12 superintendent or a district level administrator.

  • In order to maintain licensure as an administrator in the state of Missouri, you must complete an Ed.S., or higher, in a state-approved program.
  • This program provides training for district level leadership.
  • All curriculum will be focused on advanced administrative skills and practical leadership experiences.

What You Learn

The Educational Specialist in Educational Administration is designed to allow certification as a K-12 superintendent or district level administrator in a school setting. During the Ed 770, the 16-week directed internship and field experience course, you will work on a performance project that is aligned with the Missouri Performance Assessments.

How You Learn

Online: This is an online cohort program. There are no weekly class meetings required; instead, you will log in to the online course room to complete assignments, participate in discussion topics, and finish other online activities designed by your professor. You will finish one 3-credit hour course every 8 weeks with the exception of your field experience course that is 16 weeks. Zoom conferences may be required in some of the online courses. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 2 1/2 years.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will have earned an Educational Specialist in Educational Administration. You will be eligible for certification as a superintendent or district level administrator in the state of Missouri after successful completion of the district- level administrator’s assessment.

Degree Requirements

Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) in Educational Administration

 Core Curriculum 
ED 705Foundations & Organization of Educational Leadership3
ED 706Administration of School Policy & Governance3
ED 710School Supervision of Instruction & Assessment3
ED 711Administration of Curriculum3
ED720 or ED608Educational Research & Evaluation
Assessment (Building-Level ONLY)
ED740 or ED61School & Community Relations
School & Community Leadership (Building-Level ONLY)
 Building Level Certification 
ED513School Law3
ED522Legal Aspects of Special Education3
ED626K-12 School Administration3
ED635School Organization & Management3
ED634Directed Field Experience3
 District-Level Certification 
ED721School Finance3
ED730Advanced School Law3
ED731Human Resource Administration3
ED741School Plant Design & Operations Management3
ED770Internship – Field Experience3
 Total Hours:33
Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.