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Teacher uses a tablet computer teaching an elementary school lesson.

What Technology Can Improve in the Classroom

What Can Technology Improve in the Classroom? This question is often being asked by academics, parents, and students across the country. I’ll answer this question from a special education teacher’s perspective directly, although this is applicable to all educators. Before the pandemic and school closures, I used technology primarily to

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A young, female teacher sits in the hallway of a school, looking pensively out of the window.

How Educational Leadership Skills can Address Teacher Burnout

How Prevalent is Teacher Burnout? What Leads to Burnout? Teacher burnout is a huge problem facing the education world today. Teachers are leaving the profession in droves, and it only seems to worsen. While there is a multitude of problems facing educators today, burnout is one of the biggest challenges

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Coins fill a glass jar that says “education” sitting next to a pair of glasses on an open book.

How I Paid for My Master’s Degree From Park University

Many people, myself included, have struggled with the idea of pursuing a master’s degree. One question that is typically asked is: how will I possibly pay for it? Graduate school can be expensive. Let me put your mind to rest; the master’s degree programs from Park University are very affordable

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A student writes a college application on a computer next to a folder with a graduation cap printed on it.

How Park University Made the Admissions Process Easy

Applying and being admitted to Park University to further my education and obtain my M.Ed. Educational Leadership degree was a painless process. Generally, going back to school can be overwhelming, especially when pursuing a graduate degree while managing a career and a family. I was initially unsure if this was

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Young girl sitting in the library reading a book.

Language and Literacy Instruction: General vs. Special Education

What is Language and Literacy Instruction? Although there are many theoretical approaches to the development of literacy and language respectively, much research supports that the two converge throughout early developmental stages. The continuum of development sparks debate throughout the community of reading professionals, yet many agree that the foundational skills

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Woman standing and speaking in front of a group of seated peers.

The Importance of Educational Leadership in Professional Development

What Role does Leadership Play in Improving Team Processes? Leadership plays a huge role in improving team processes. I think a team is only as good as its leaders. Within a school environment, a leadership team plays the role of communicator among the grade-level teams. Attending leadership meetings, making decisions

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‘Leadership’ on a white background surrouded by related icons and words.

What are the Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership/Principalship?

What is a Master’s in Educational Leadership/Principalship? A master’s in educational leadership/principalship is a degree that allows prospective students to gain insights on the various angles of being a principal. These angles include: interactions with stakeholders (community members, parents, other educators, and business leaders), interactions with students and staff, building

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